Venus Transit in Scorpio (November 26, 2017 to December 20,2017)

Venus Transit in Scorpio (November 26, 2017 to December 20,2017)

Venus Transit in Scorpio (From November 26, 2017 at 22:20 till December 20, 2017 at 18:43)

Venus is the planet for Wife, marriage, conveyances, luxury and comforts. It is a Rajasik planet and we call it Shukra in Hindi. In profession it is associated with Artist, cinema line, poets, vehicles, jewellery and it is also associated with taxes. It is a benefic planet and rules Taurus and Libra. It signifies spouse or love partner of the native. It is debilitated in Virgo and exalted in Pisces and. Venus transit in Scorpio on November 26, 2017,Sunday, and will remain till December 20, 2017, Wednesday Relationships, values, self-esteem and financial issues get real during this time. Venus in Scorpio’s will help you evolve in your personal relationship or love life. Time for sensual pleasures, jeeva.

The Venus Transit is based on the Moon Sign


Venus will be eighth house from your Moon , this is the perfect time for you to acquire an ancestral properly. Unexpected gains will be seen during this period. This transit brings peace and prosperity and this time will help you to solve your pending issue with excellent communication and speech. In profession you will see an elevation in your job and with concern to business unexpected gains are predicted. Relationship with spouse will improve and love life will be at new heights. Your health issues will be resolved. But your spouse may feel little low regarding health. Children will be able to concentrate more on there education.


Venus will be seventh house from your Moon Sign This is the time when you will regain your ill health. Small small health issues will erupt but they will be resolved. Your appetite for travel will be fulfilled. Lots of social gathering and good life is foreseen. Only thing you need to take care of your possessiveness and hasty decisions. Your relationship with parents and siblings will be comfortable. Some important deal or partnership will be adjoined for some time. It is indicated that will gossip too much during this time which can cause trouble to you. Overall a favorable period when it comes to love life but with spouse you need to be extra careful or it would lead to disharmony in personal life.


Venus will move into the sixth house from your Moon Sign: This is a period when your expenditure may rise suddenly, it could be little uncomfortable for you. New investments are on the cards but take precautions that you do not spend more than you desire. Your love life will blossom that will keep you busy and engrossed in your personal life. Time for entertainment and socializing. You will have health issues like eyes or your diabetes will not be in check. This is time for good finances but with experiences but bad for partnerships. Overall an average period.


Venus will be fifth house from Moon Sign: This is a period which will keep you engrossed in your love life, with spouse it would be disappointing but loads of happiness from this will all vanish away and now is the time to rejoice. You may event buy a new vehicle, your urge to become successful will be fulfilled .Happiness from your daughter is foreseen. You will ventures and investments which will reap great results with time. Love, passion and spark will satisfy your internal happiness. Your craze for style and luxury will reach zenith. Health will be perfect. There will be no pressure from your open and closed enemies. Perfect time for you


Venus will be fourth house from your Moon Sign.: During this period, you would enjoy during lots of hard work in your professional fields and this will give immediate successful good results.You would have luxurious and comforts life to live At the personal level weather it is love life or with the spouse you will find comfort at all levels. You are advised to avoid ego clashes at home to maintain peace and harmony at home. You would gain a lot if you are looking for a new job either it is financially or a good jump. Health will also improve. A short journey is on the cards. Relationship with younger sibling will improve


Venus will be third house from your Moon Sign. ‘This transit of Venus if very beneficial when it comes to good.destiny and financial prosperity. Windfalls of wealth gains can be seen during this period. Long distance travel is on the cards and this trip could be both personal as well as professional. The only thing that need to be taken into consideration is that the financial improvement will comes with lots of hard work and dedication. Your speech, wisdom and communication will help you reach your goals in professional life. Your communication will help you to get fame and some power and position will also come. Your family will be of great support to you during this period. Precaution need to be taken care of regarding health. Luck will play a dominant role in this Venus transit.


The planet Venus will move into the second house from your Moon Sign: This period of Venus transit will give you a very Charming and lovable personality which would lead to accumulation of wealth. There is a possibility that your speech, communication, charming behavior will in turn help you to earn wealth and some great position which you have been longing to achieve. Suddenly you may get some property or inheritance from your family.People in government jobs will get support and benefits from their seniors. Style and Luxury will play a dominant role in your life. A marriage proposal for some is on the cards. Your love life will be in cloud nine. You will be socializing in prestigious places.


Venus will move into your own sign: In this transit ambition you will play a very dominant role and you will be clever enough to encash the opportunities that will come your way. A period where you will be prone to attractions and this you may use for professional enhancement. In this period you would love to wear good branded clothes, perfumes and would like to decorate your house or get new interiors done. Marriage in the cards for people who are looking for a spouse. Some expanses will be seen on travel, clothes and luxurious items. You may even buy a car for yourself. Luck will be in your favor and family and personal life is smooth and comfortable.


Venus will be twelfth house from your Moon: During this transit, you would be highly emotional, unprincipled and strong hormones will be activated. You may have an affair or a relationship which will fructify into marriage after prolong delays. Health will be of concern and enemies will create nuisance. Financially a favorable period but emotions will rule in both personal and professional fields .A new business venture is foreseen and this will earn you money and you might have to travel both short distance and long distance. Personal life will take a back step though relationships will not be effected.


Venus will move into the eleventh house from your Moon Sign. During the Venus transit you will be too practical and too strict in dealing with loved ones. Your affections though will be sincere and stable. This period of the transit will improve your financial situation and bring in lot of prosperity hence materialistic comforts will increase. Love life will be rocky and if not taken care then the relationship may take an ugly turn. Huge gains are foreseen and that will keep you happy for long. New acquaintances will develop both in business and personal life.


Venus will be tenth house from your Moon Sign: This period of Venus transit will make an individual prefer friendship to love. He is looking for an emotions and companion rather than love so their could be distance with spouse and in love life .Disappointment in love can also be seen. If marriage is getting finalized it may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Relationship with parents will be harmonious. Their can be a new understanding with business partners have an elevation in your position at your career front and might consider relocating yourself after receiving the promotion. Hard work and dedication will pay off. Students may take some time off from studies. Women may buy some expensive jewellery.


Venus will move into the ninth house from your Moon Sign: Venus transit will make you very popular and you will get loads of respect from your subordinates as well as from seniors. During this period you would have a bent of mind towards religion and involve yourself in religious activities. Travel to foreign land but you will also be inclined toward studying foreign cultures. You will meet lots of learned people and they would influence you Family life would be comfortable and love life will blossom. There could be tiffs with your siblings and children. Marriage is on the cards. Growth in business and at personal front is foreseen. Concern for parents is also predicted..

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