Venus Combust 28th November 2017 – 20th February 2018

Venus Combust 28th November 2017 – 20th February 2018

Venus Combust 28th November 2017 – 20th February 2018

Venus termed as SUKRA in Sanskrit is a Planet which shines with a beautiful clear light. is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure of senses, conveyance, luxury articles, gems, passion, flowers, perfumes, dance. Venus gets combust on 28 November, 2017 at 23:53 till 20 February 2018 at 03:49

Venus becomes combust when it comes close to Sun and the degree is 10 degrees on either side of the Sun but Venus needs to be in direct motion. When Venus is retrograde then the degree becomes 8 on either side of Sun.



When someone is born with planet Venus very close to Sun, we say that Venus is in combustion. The energy of the Sun burns the effect of the planet Venus and its qualities. Venus qualities  not only does get effected, the Karaka and the signs Taurus and Libra also gets effected. They are the two signs of planet Venus in Astrology.

Venus represents   Love, passion, marriage & relationships so when VENUS gets combust you will feel your love life, marriage getting effects. Venus also represent affection so you will have difficult time with your loved ones.Their could be tiffs and arguments with your close ones specially with family.

Venus represents peace and happiness in business so with Sun combusting Venus if not only effect business opportunities but will also affect your relationship with business partners and associates.

Planets Mercury and Saturn will also remain combust for certain period which will further create problems related to relationships, money, business, health etc.


Effects of Combust VENUS for each Zodiac Sign from the Moon Chart/ Rashi:

Combust VENUS effects on ARIES:

 For Aries Rashi people: Sun is a positive but with planet Venus being combust, this period will affect the family and expenses related to family is seen. In regard to love life, it would be rocking and relationship with spouse may be little difficult but after 20th of January thing will start improving for better Small health issue are also foreseen. Don’t give loans to anyone or your money can get stuck for a long time. New business opportunities will come up and will give fruitful results.

Combust VENUS effects on TAURUS:

This is not a very favorable period for you regarding health issues and stress. Tensions will remain regarding job, finances and health. Marriage is on the cards for some. Long distance travel is seen regarding business opportunities but the travel will not give very fruitful results. Things will start improving from the last week of January and February will be much better. Personal life and family life would be just average

Combust VENUS effects on GEMINI:

The native will see both positive as well as will average influences. In regard to love life you will have a roller coaster ride in your relationship but somehow you will be able to survive it. Financially favorable period for the Gemini’s. A good period to grow business and new job opportunities are on the way. Travel is on the cards but short distance is preferred. There can be problems related to children but will be solved.

Combust VENUS effects on CANCER:

For CANCERIAN this is an average period where the financial position will improve but slow growth and small hindrances are seen and they will overcome by hard work and positive approach. If looking for some property then deal can fructify but you may have to pay a little over your budget. Sudden unexpected gains are also seen. Business opportunities will grow and expenses will also be on the rise but you will be able to overcome. A new partnership can be offered so it is the time to make up your mind regarding this opportunity. Love life will be good and no issues on this front. You will be quiet comfortable when it comes to family. Health of spouse will be effected and this may bring some stress for you..

Combust VENUS effects on LEO:

The native in this period will feel stress toward his profession and professional growth but this will be all vain as no issues or hindrances are foreseen. Instead this is a period were financial issues which have been for some time will start getting resolved. Travel is on the cards. Love life is comfortable and you will be relaxed and you will be happy the way it is going. During this time you may achieve success and recognition through this field of profession. There may be some turbulence in married life but they will be resolved.

Combust VENUS effects on VIRGO:

This will be a  positive period for the native as he see a major financial betterment and business growth. New opportunities will come your way and you will positively grab them with both hands. If looking for a new job your desire will be fulfilled. Family life will be comfortable and children will make you proud. Relationship with spouse will be comfortable. Love life will keep you busy and this will bring satisfaction and happiness. Health will also improve. Some long term investment are also on the cards. Marriage is on the cards.

Combust VENUS effects on LIBRA:

The native with moon in LIBRA will see a better period in terms of health as you were having some health issues which will be resolved and this will bring a smile on your face which has been missing for some time. Business will see growth and new development are on the cards. Financial position will improve and a new opportunity to earn more money is foreseen. Love life is quiet comfortable and this period of Venus combustion will further improve your relationship. Marriage is on the cards for some. Buying a new conveyance  is on the cards. New investments are also possible. Relationship with spouse will be good and comfortable.

Combust VENUS effects on SCORPIO:

VENUS for Scorpio will be a benefic period in terms of expenditure and financial growth. Business related travel can also be seen which will give beneficial result. Tension and stress related to business partners are foreseen but will be solved with difficulties. Their can be issues regarding personal relationship specially with the spouse. Some tiffs may also be seen with the younger siblings or cousins. The native may also achieve success in their professional front but students sitting for competitive exams will face trouble.Health of your parents can trouble you but this period is short lived.

Combust VENUS effects on SAGITTARIUS:

The native with Moon Rashi SAGITTARIUS will have a comfortable time in which the professional front will keep them busy and you will see financial gains also. Partnership will grow and the partners will help you to improve  your financial situation further ’You may see elevation at job front both in terms of status and finance. Love life will be rocking and will also keep you busy. There can be small health issues which will be resolved. Relationship with spouse and children will be comfortable.

Combust VENUS effects on CAPRICORN:

The native with Moon Rashi CAPRICORN will have a beneficial period professionally and financially. Work will keep you busy with loads of hard work but it will be up to your satisfaction. Love life is rocking and special bond will be build with your partner which will be lasting and keep you happy for long. Vacation is on the cards and this will bring a smile on your face for a long time. Your relationship will spouse will be quiet comfortable. Health is good. Finance will also be comfortable and will keep you happy. There can be a few expenses but it will be in a positive note and will not hurt your pocket.

Combust VENUS effects on AQUARIUS:

 The combust VENUS for AQUARIUS people will be beneficial as overall growth is seen. Both at the financial level and professional level things will be quiet comfortable. Name, fame and short term investment can also be predicted. You may take  a break after the hectic schedule. Your love life or relationship with your spouse will grow and a rainbow after rainfall is predicted. Travel for business will also be seen. Expenses are on the cards but you will be happy spending the money.

Combust VENUS effects on PISCES:

The influence of combust Venus for Moon Rashi Pisces will be average as professionally and financially an average period is on the cards; growth is new investments are not very beneficial. You will see some hurdles in partnerships especially at the personal level so a clash with spouse is foreseen. Love life is rocking and quiet comfortable. Unexpected obstacles and losses are also predicted which after sometime will be resolved but it may give tension for some time. Health is good and mother’s health which has been bad for sometime will improve by end of January.


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