Sun Transit in Scorpio (16th November, 2017)

Sun Transit in Scorpio (16th November, 2017)

Sun Transit in Scorpio (16th November, 2017)

Sun in the sign Scorpio comes on 16th of November, and will remain till 16th December 2017. This Sun transit will leave different effects on all the 12 Zodiac Signs. Let us see the impact of this transit, and how it will affect the different Zodiac Signs.
Sun is a male planet and its Mooltrikona Rashi is Leo. Sun is a karak for Father and our Atma that is why it is called an Atmakaraka planet.
Sun is the Karaka of health, father, power, authority, fame, government, royalty, medicine, profession, and courage. Sun rules the zodiac sign Leo. It is a fiery planet and it denotes ambition, pride, royal and strong headed. Apart from this, the Planet Sun imparts strength to other planets also. We say that the vowels are represented by the sun- the soul of the universe and Sun also represents the Alphabets. The below predictions are based on your Moon Sign.

The Planet Sun is 8th house from Moon: In this transit the individual more assertive, active, impatient, found of travel. have health issues like fever, sickly constitution, sore and complaint in eyes but sudden gains in profession. Travel is on the cards. Spouse and children would enjoy a good time. Expenditure will increase during this period but be cautious of over spending or it will leave into financial crisis. Good period to do investment.

The Planet Sun is 7th house from Moon:. Domestic life might be disturbing and your spouse may be temperamental, hyper and marriage discord will be seen from time to time but these conflicts will get resolved with discussion. Professionally a period of change and new partnership may occur which will in coming time will bring good financial gains. Foreign gains can also be seen but health issues related to stomach or eyes can bother you. This is a period to keep calm, slow in action, flexible and tactfulness.

The Planet Sun is 6th house from Moon : In this transit of Sun,you should be should be mentally alert, inquisitive polite, adaptable, For Students this is the time to concentrate fully on studies which will bring success in exams in the coming future. Business ventures will be profitable and sense of achievement will be felt. You would experience a rise in your career over your opponents. Health will be good throughout the transit. Hard work will bring fruitful results. Beneficial period for monetary gains and gains at work Gains from enemies and gains in litigation is also fore caste. Peace, happiness and prosperity is seen..

The Planet Sun is 5th house from Moon:. During this transit , you will be emotional touchy, possessive but independent in your thoughts but can be harsh with people who work for you or are subordinates. You might experience gain in wealth and a new prestigious job which you have been longing for may come up and surprise you . You will be concerned for your elders specially your father. Small tiff will be seen in your love life.. Moreover, your partnership will flourish and will keep you satisfactory in terms of achievement.

The Planet Sun is 4th house from Moon: During this transit period, you would be dominating, touchy, passionate may be snobbish but generous and you will receive gains from the government. Buying a new property or vehicle is probable. Your personal life will be disturbed weather in marriage or love life Moreover. Health of yours might decline and stomach will remain a weak point and discord will children is fore casted. Apart from this, you might also buy a new property, house or a vehicle. You may even inherit some property

The Planet Sun is 3th house from Moon: During this period you will be scholarly, shy, lacks originality but will seen an elevation in your job/ profession/ business will enhance your determination and will give you success in the end and would enable you to have an upper hand over your opponents or your enemies. Though you may be restless but achievements, success, fame and wealth is on its way but there could be differences with the siblings or cousins is a probability. You might plan for a change in job but you will have to wait for your dream job patiently but at the end of the day you would emerge out to be successful. However, Long distance travel and expeditions are also on the cards. Health will be a problem for you for some time.

The Planet Sun is 2th house from Moon:. During this period, you would be even tempered, calm, slow in action, inflexible and tactful but there could be persistent tiffs in your family. You might come across difficult and snobbish people. Though, there would be lots of troubles in your way, but still you would manage it smoothly with your skills and calmness. Financially an average period for you. Don’t involve in politics at office and home as it may bring you stress You will not keep too well. Gain through share market and some of your debts will clear.

The Planet Sun is in same house of Moon: Now Sun will move into your own sign. During this transit, you will be assertive, active, impatient, self-centered and enthusiastic. Your focal point would be on your work/profession. At the personal front you will face issues and disputes with your loved ones but health is good. There may be hurdles at work due to your own behavior but success is forecasted. There will be long distance travel which will ease your personal troubles. You might even go for unplanned journeys but success is on the cards. This transit will bring mental stress so relax. In all, though an emotional period but success in profession life is seen.

The Planet Sun is 12th house from Moon: During this period, you will love freedom, independence, you will be optimistic, obstinate but respectful.. You might have difference with your father and some eyes related issues but one of the best times to earn wealth, position and respect in the society. You will get recognition to service to others, powerful enemies’ High expenditure is predicted during this transit and you might face small health issues. You might get in touch with Alost friend who will help you in need. Mental pressure would persist.. Those who are living abroad or working might receive good news and success in career.

The Planet Sun is 11th house from Moon: During this transit , you will be witty, firm, prudent, practical and active. You might experience sudden and unexpected gains, a high position and also come across influential friends. You might also have maximum income and minimum labor and this will enhance your status. You might get a new position at work also, giving you a new recognition and position. You might receive good news which you was not anticipated. Gains are foreseen but tiffs in love matters. Overall, this transit is very progressive period for you.

The Planet Sun is 10th house from Moon: During this transit period, there would be an upliftment and elevation at your workplace. Success after handwork or effort You will be intuitive and you self esteem will be very high. This is the time for learning and your appetite will be satisfied. This is the time to relax as your efforts will reap fruits Moreover, family life will be back to normal. However, you might get much benefit if you are into government job. A rise in your dignity is predicted and people around you might praise you.

The Planet Sun is 9th house from Moon: During this period, your you will be highly sensitive, compassionate, imaginative and impractical, struggle would increase and you need to put up extra efforts to get things done in your favour. Health is all right but transfer at job or change of job is foreseen. You might have some issues with your siblings. You would achieve success after hurdles but your hard work will pay in the end. Though you would progress pretty slow but success is on the cards. You may even plan a family holiday. Show concern for your elders and the religious bend of mind will bring in peace.

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