Sun Transit in Sagittarius (December 16, 2017 to January, 14 2018)

Sun Transit in Sagittarius (December 16, 2017 to January, 14 2018)

Sun Transit in Sagittarius (December 16, 2017)

The Sun is the most important of all the nine planets in our Indian Vedic Astrology, it is the basic support of everything in this world and it represents father in a person’s life and power and  Authority. It also represents royalty and government. It is the blood circulation. Sun represents the direction East and rules colors orange, saffron and light red.Sun being a fiery planet also represents our Soul, ego, strength and vitality.

The Sun transit into Sagittarius will take place on December 16, 2017 at 03:15. and will be there till January 14, 2018 at 14:00.The transit and prediction is given from the moon sign.


The Sun will move into the ninth house from the moon sign:  During this transit you will be working hard with fruitful results and your work may be able to keep your mind active and get you some name and fame. This transit will give you a religious bend and concern for your elders but some discord will be seen with younger siblings. Travel is on the cards but a chance of short distance is more. Love life is eventful and satisfying. Luck would be in your favor and will bring good results.


 Sun will move into the eighth house from Moon Rashi:  Sun moves into an uncomfortable 8th but being in its friends sign it will not bring too much of negativity In this period you will have discord with your family members and will be little restless and uncomfortable. You will be looking for peace of mind so Yoga and meditation will help.  You should take care of your health. Love life may have small clashes which will rest by the end of month.


The Sun will move into the seventh house from Moon Sign: This is a favorable time because all your efforts will br fruitful regarding profession and business partnerships. This period may be fruitful regarding long distance travel but it could be more of a business travel than a leisure one. Relationship with the spouse will be stained due to one’s partner temperament during this period. Health will be an issue so take care of it.


The Sun will move into  the sixth house from the Moon Sign: During this period, your finances can create trouble for you so be  very cautious  regarding expenditure. You should be prepared to spend on travel and vacations. Love life is smooth and comfortable and you would end this year at a very positive note in your love life. Would gain an upper hand over your opponents. Health issues might disturb you, so you must be cautious about your health. Regarding health be cautious but you will be able to tackle your health problems. Work would be good and your financial situation would be comfortable during this phase.


The planet Sun will move into the fifth house from Moon :This period is favorable in all respect. This period is favorable in respect to profession, partnership, new ventures. Your financial situation will improve drastically; there could even be a windfall.  You should take care of your parent’s health. You may even invest in property or vehicle but don’t overspend or take very big loan. Your love life would be your priority and the love will blossom.


Sun will move into the fourth house from the Moon Sign:  This transit of sun will improve your financial position and will help you to think of some major investment which has been in your mind for long. Financial gains will help you to become more comfortable regarding money. Relationship with spouse will improve and if children are having exams they will do well in studies. You can inherit property during this period. Health need to be taken care of specially stomach problems.


Sun will move into the third house from your Moon Sign: . During this period, your financial situation will improve; desire or goal for money will be fulfilled. This is a period of success after suffering. Your intelligence will improve but see to it that you do not become arrogant. Benefits from your friends and younger siblings However, professionally a great time and your hard work will pay off. Don’t forget the health of your children. Be caring towards your parents and children. Love life will keep you happy.


The Sun will move into the second house from Moon:  This period may bring in new business partnership or venture. Your financial situation may not be too great but your desire will be fulfilled regarding fulfillment of work and work pressures. Their maybe be tensions with the family members. Your mind will have a scientific bend and if you have issues with someone then try to solve it or you may get into litigations Ill health is foreseen. Personal life may keep you busy for some time and a very small trip is on the cards but it would be mentally satisfying .


The Sun will move into its own Moon Sign:  Sun will go into its friend sign and it would be quiet beneficial for you regarding financial matters and help from friends. Your relationship with your father will improve and if some government issues then they will be resolved Even if you are having some labor problem that too will be resolved. Travel is on the cards for entertainment. This period is very favorable regarding entertainment and socializing. Name and fame is also on the cards and satisfactory health You may find some old friend which you have not been in touch for long.


Sun  moves into the twelfth house from the Moon Sign: This is the period to be little cautious regarding money, don’t overspend or you will face financial trouble by the end of the month. But unexpected gains can also be time for it seen during this time. An important work or position which you have been waiting for sometime may suddenly come up from nowhere. Some ancestral property gains are seen. You can even win a court case which has created tensions for you. Inflow as well as outflow of money will be seen. Along distance travel for business is foreseen. Health of spouse can be of concern..


The Sun will move into the eleventh house from Moon Sign: This is a favorable period for people who are looking for a marriage partner. New partnership will come up and the deal will be according to your wishes. And you will achieve something that you have always yearned Some government problems can come up inexpec.. Financial gains  are on the card nut you will have to take new loans for your new business ventures. Love life will blossom and be ready to make holiday plans and enjoy as we say Only work will make Jack a dull boy.


The Sun will move into the tenth house from the Moon: . This is a favorable period for growth or elevation in your job, if looking for a new job you will get one of your This is a period of hard work and that will give you beneficial results. This is a period of great improvement at the professional level. But don’t be fickle minded and jump to the opportunity that comes your way. Health may be a hindrance. Family life is average and not much time for it and that will be your last priority.



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