Sun Transit In Capricorn – January 14, 2017

Sun Transit In Capricorn – January 14, 2017

Sun Transit In Capricorn – January 14, 2017

Sun is the most powerful planet and it represent authority, fame, government, father, royalty and health. The planet Sun in profession talks about economic occupation, ruling class/govt appointments, magistrate, ruler, administrator, forest officer, owner, jeweller and commission agent to name a few. The planet Sun talks of  the direction East The planet of life will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn on the 14th of January at 07:38 and will remain in Capricorn till the 12th February at 8:37pm February at 08:37 pm .Let us see how it will effect each individual in this transit. The prediction is based on the Moon sign.


Sun in Capricorn gets the directional strength. Profession will play a very important role during this time and we see maximum labour in work and minimum gains are indicated. Success will come after a lot of hard work or effort. Social position will see an elevation as Sun enters Capricorn. This is a period of taking precaution at work front if done so success is round the corner. Love life will play a dominating role during this time and the partner will be standing right next to you in this time. Love life will be rocking. A new relation will come up for people who don’t have a relationship. You will improve your relationship with your children. Health will also improve as it was giving trouble to you for some time and the best thing is irrespective of professional issues you still will feel peaceful. Enemies will take a back seat.


As the Sun enters  in  Capricorn your luck and destiny will support you throughout this whole transit of Sun in this period. New opportunities will come in the professional field and you will grab it with both hands. Hard work and determination will succeed you further. A business trip which had been pending for long will be finalized. At home front everything will be peaceful, if mother has not been keeping well so improvement is on the cards Love life will be smooth with very small hurdles. Important decisions will done in your favour and this will affect your personal and professional life in the positive way. Unexpected gains are also foreseen in professional field. If looking for a new job. It’s on the cards.


Sun transit in Capricorn will give you success but with lot of hard work and it will come when you  least expect it. Hard work will pay off ‘but with delays. Health issues related to pain in shoulder or a frozen shoulder is on the cards but if taken care the intensity the intensity will be minimized. Spouse will be supportive and love life will be rocking. Small disputes can be seen with children but they will be resolved. Small distance travel is on the cards and it will be benefic for you specially if it is related to work. Father’s health may be of concern for you. Don’t have arguments as it might bring stress to you but this transit is beneficial.


The movement  of the planet Sun into Capricorn sign will have a  a bad with your  temper  specially  related to your mind and speech. This irritation may create problems for   you regarding behavioral conduct with your family members specially your spouse and your children, Along with this your spouse will also not be in a good mood so this may create problems for you at the personal front. Health of your spouse might suffer too. This transit will bring in unforeseen expenses whish may give you some financial crunch. Work front will keep to busy as their will be no time for personal issues. Love life and health will be all right


Leo people will have lots of issues with the enemies and their health problem will continues for another few days but you  will only face small small health issues like stomach problems and bone related problems. Mind will be fluctuating during this period but some favours from the government will come in your favour and it will bring relief to you. Personal life will be quiet might witness a decline in their health as the planet Sun would set off to enter the sign Capricorn.. You might have to work hard to fulfill your dreams but hard work will pay off.  You will be more competitive and will have edge over your enemies and all your challenges will make you stronger and to fight bigger battles ij life


Sun in Virgo will bring in loads of hardships and undue expenses which will not be to your liking Business will bring in difficulties but you will get  positive results and travel is also seen on the cards related to work, it could be both short and long distance it will give you beneficial result Relationship with spouse will be stained but love life will be good. Children may get fewer marks in the exams but with time they will catch up. New job is on the cards but not up to your expectations.


The planet Sun in Capricorn will bring in profits at the business front. You may do investments in property which will grow well with time. New business venture will come up and you will put in loads of effort to make it successful. .In This period will inherit property but this period is not too good for your parents health. Domestic life will not be a priority for you and this will create disharmony in your domestic e way.. Try to control your temper and think your actions through. Heath issues related to stomach will trouble you. You can expenses during this period but they will be spend on positive things rather being wasteful.


Sun transit in this sign will be average but when it comes to giving professional benefits but along with it lot of hard work and dedication is seen. Small distance travel is on the cards. There will be no time to spend on personal issues only work and profession will always on the mind, Their could be tiffs with the younger siblings but it will settle with time. Health will be of no issues. You will be so busy with the profession that it can create problem with the spouse but love life will be smooth. Some health issue are seen with the parents. The whole period will be avery busy period and no time for personal life.


The transit of the planet Sun into the sign Capricorn will be a period where financially you will improve but along with that expenses will be round the corner. You will be very temperamental during this whole period. Sudden unexpected financial gains for you during this period. Destiny will play important role in your life and things will work out exactly the way you want things to you will improve. Children and your relationship with them will keep you happy .You will also be investing small amount of money. Gain from the Government is on the cards .You will keep your family and family members happy.


Suns transit in Capricorn will be beneficial for you regarding things at the work front, pending issues will get resolved and this will be unexpected and sudden. During this period you will have ego problems foe no reason which will create problems with colleagues. Don’t be over confident about the decisions unnecessarily. Disharmony with your spouse is indicated which will mentally effect you but if having love life then your relationship will improve and You might plan short trips during this period. You Health will be good and a long distance holiday is on the cards. You will be energetic and enthusiastic during this period and you will be overcome all challenges that come your way. Your luck is on your side.


Sun in the sign Capricorn might give you over confidence and a little irritable behavior. Professional a very favorable period for you, new job opportunities are on the horizon and the will be very satisfactory. For professional font will give both short and long trips to the natives. New partnership ventures are on the cards. People waiting for marriage their desire may get fulfilled. Personal life which was difficult for long will improve and that will keep you happy. Your spouse may have mood swings and health will also improve health might decline in this duration. You might also have to face loss in professional partnership.


Sun changing sign will keep you busy and bogged throughout this period as your enemies will keep on harassing you during this period though they will not be able to harm you but you will be distressed because of this. Don’t give loans to anyone during this time. Your efforts would double up, due to which your earnings might manifold.. At work, you’ll be doing well and that will give you some relief. Though your mind will be tensed but the decision will be correct                    and fruitful. You may marry your long term girlfriend. Heath wise you will have your highs and lows bur nothing to be concerned about. Socially well as professionally you’ll be pretty active.



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