Saturn’s Transit in Capricorn

Saturn’s Transit in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn


Capricorn is a movable earth sign ruled by Saturn though Saturn is an airy planet. People who are born in Capricorn Lagna/ Ascendant or Capricorn Rashi are usually very practical, stoical to miseries of life, strong willed, ambitious, determined, careful, prudent, cautious, generous and philanthropic.

When Saturn is placed in its own signs, the results are likely to be positive. Saturn is the Lord of the Tenth and the Eleventh house from the Kaalpurush Horoscope. The Tenth house represents the profession and the Eleventh house represents fulfillment of desired. Saturn, the planet represents serving class, government servants, and menial and hardworking jobs subordinates and when it is placed in Capricorn, the native likely gets a lot of help and support from them.

Saturn transits into Capricorn from Sagittarius on 24th January 2020 at 12:05 PM. During this year Saturn will retrograde in Capricorn from 11th May till 29th September and then it will become progressive. The planet Saturn will be combust during the month of December so its negative/ positive effect will be reduced. Capricorn Rashi is already facing Sade Sati and with it coming in the new sign Aquarius will also starts its Sade sati and Sagittarius will be running the last phase.

This prediction is based on the Moon Rashi


Saturn’s Transit in Aries

Saturn rules the Tenth and the Eleventh house in Aries Rashi and planet Saturn is placed in the Tenth house which is the house of Karma and profession while the Eleventh house represents Finances and it is also the house of fulfillment of desire. The native will have to do lot of hard work which will pay off in the end. The native will see elevation in his/her job but improvement in the pay scale will also be seen. This is a period of great satisfaction for people in job. New ventures will also be seen in business and will give fast and good results. New partnerships will develop and these partnerships will be long lasting.

At the personal level there may be some issues with your spouse or difference of opinion will be seen and with your efforts it will be solved with time. Try to solve it at the earliest or it will get prolonged. Marriage is on the cards for some who have been waiting to get the right partner.

The Native will be stressed and tensed throughout the transit of Saturn in Capricorn. Emotional issues are on the cards with loved ones. New investment will be seen regarding, buying of property will be beneficial but moving in that property will be around the beginning of 2022, if you have invested to live in it.  The health of the native will be average. Difference of opinion will be with parents on small-small issues. Relationship will children will be average.


Saturn’s Transit in Taurus

Saturn is the Lord of the ninth and the tenth house for Taurus Rashi and the ninth house represents the destiny and the tenth house represents the karma house .Saturn is placed in the tenth house from the Moon Rashi. During this period Saturn will not only give growth in the profession but will bring in elevation in the pay scale but the individual needs to see that they do not overspend or it will  bring great trouble for the native. For business related people new ventures are on the card and will give good and fast results. Mentally this transit of Saturn is not too great for peace and harmony at the personal front but when it comes to investment, it is a favorable period as we see some investment in property for personal use where shifting can also be seen only after  the end of 2021 or beginning of the year 2022.

During this transit of Saturn there could be issues with the neighbors and also with the siblings and it will use up lot of your energy to solve these problems though they will be petty and of no consequences

Health needs to be taken care or after this transit also the problems related to health will still persist. Relationship need to be taken care as it’s an average time for it. Loans should also be picked with great care. This is a period to concentrate more on profession than on other matters.


Saturn’s Transit in Gemini

Saturn in Gemini is lord of the Eighth and the Ninth house so Saturn is both malefic and benefic for Gemini. Saturn is transiting the eighth house so it will give more results of the eighth house. Eighth house represents the house of delays, legacies, hidden wealth, travel, husband’s relatives and loss of money from depts, sorrows and disgrace. Ninth house stands for Dharma, fortune, prosperity, luck, destiny, wealth, father, religion, wisdom, pilgrimage, intuition and faith. Saturn’s transit will bring about change in the profession; it will also bring in new partnerships which will be long lasting. Growth will be seen in profession but there will not be too much of growth in the finances. Issues with bosses can also be predicted.

At the personal front some difference of opinion will be seen with children and with spouse/partner. If going for further education there will be hindrances though desires will be fulfilled with obstacles. Love life will also be average but if looking for marriage then some individuals will have to compromise in the choice of spouse. Financially, depletion in the money will be seen so need to take care of saving as well as earnings. Don’t do gambling and share market during this time as it will not give fruitful results. There can be some legal matters. People practicing law will gain during this period.


Saturn’s Transit in Cancer

Cancer is a sign ruled by Moon, which relates to mind and emotions. Saturn is the lord of the seventh and eighth house and Saturn is malefic for the Cancer Rashi. Saturn though malefic will not be too inimical for this Rashi and will be somewhat beneficial for Cancerians. Saturn will bring in new job for some and a new partnership. New business ventures will be seen but there could be chances that you will have to do some heavy investments .These investments will give long time gains but precautions should be taken while doing the expenditure.

The family relations will get stained if some precautions are not taken. Issues with spouse and family will be seen. Individuals looking for marriage, it’s on the cards stating from end of June 2020. Financially it will be an average good year. Health issues will be seen in the coming years so consult a doctor when needed. Students will do well in their exams and those students going for higher education have great chances of getting admission in desired universities. Love will be quiet comfortable and the native will have a healthy relationship. Buying of a conveyance is on the cards and the native can do investment in property too. Relationship with mother will improve but the health of the native’s mother may not keep too well.


Saturn’s Transit in Leo

Saturn will transit in the sixth and seventh house of the native. This result will be mixed for Leo Rashi people. It is a favorable transit for people in a job and new job is on the cards and promotion for some. Long and short distance travel will be related to profession. Loans will be paid and the depts will be reduced to a large extend. Leo’s will be able to overcome their enemies and court cases will be solved during this transit.

Expenses will be high during this Saturn’s transit so you need to take care of your expenses. It will bring native in favorable contacts with foreign lands and the native may gain out of these links. Unexpected gains will be seen and some may gain out of ancestral properties. Relationship with in laws will be problematic. Marriage issues will also be seen and the relation with spouse will not be too comfortable. The natives will have to work hard to achieve success in business or in partnerships. It is a good time to further go for higher education Relation with children will be comfortable. The native will be able to find the right direction for one self. Love life will be comfortable for the natives.

Saturn’s Transit in Virgo

Saturn is the lord of the fifth and sixth lord and is well placed in the fifth house. This transit of Saturn is favorable for the Virgo Rashi people as Saturn will give favorable results in terms of destiny or Purva Punya. In lay man terms, god will help and support natives to solve their pending issues as they have seen difficulties in terms of peace, prosperity and finances.

Even personal life has been difficult these couple of years so relief will be felt. Peace of mind and happiness will come back into native’s life. Relation with spouse and other family members will improve. Relation with children will improve to a great extend. The native children may go for higher education or they themselves will get admission in a prestigious universities New job is on the cards and loan related issues will be resolved which has been a problem in the last couple of years

Native may restart a new business and will give financial gains by the end of 2020. Foreign links related to business will start and will grow with time. Saving will also improve for the native and by the end of this transit the financial situation will be comfortable. Health is also good
Saturn’s Transit in Libra

Saturn is lord of the fourth and fifth house and placed in the fourth house. This transit is Dhaiya for Libra and will not be too comfortable. It will reduce the mental peace of the individual and will great efforts to improve the issues or problems with the mother and her side of the family. The native may have to sell their some property but will be able to buy later.

Relationship with spouse and partner will also deteriorate and hard work will help to resolve it. Professionally setbacks will be seen for the native and there could be possibility of restart of a new business or a job. Financially the native will see deterioration in financial situation and increase in expenses. Health will also be a problem for the native. Do not pick up loans during this time .Things can only see improvement if the native does lot of hard work as hard works and dedication will pay off. Travelling is on the cards and may bring in financial gains. Relation with children will be average.

Saturn’s Transit in Scorpio

Saturn is the lord of the third and fourth house and is placed in the third house from Scorpio Rashi. This is a period of lots of hard work and then only gains will then only be seen. Relation with neighbors and siblings will improve. Issues will children will also be seen. Love life will improve but the native will concentrate on work .Long and short distance travel is on the cards.

The native will gain money but expenses will keep the native hand to mouth. Married life will be average. Relationship with in laws will not be comfortable. Growth is seen but the pace would be very slow and may take a couple of years to grow. Your income will improve as you have come out of your Sade Sati. The finances will be enough to cater to your needs. Do not pick up too many loans as you will not be able to pay them off easily. Some relief from enemies will be seen and they will stop troubling you.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is the lord of the second and third house and is placed in the second house. Saturn is Markesh for Sagittarius Rashi This transit of Saturn is average and will give both benefic and malefic results. The native is going through the Third phase of Sade sati so the native will go through stress and tension during this phase. There may be some stain in the relation with mother or the health of the mother may be of concern.

Construction of a property is seen but the native need to take care of the expense as the native may send more than he/she will like to spend and can end up taking loans. Relation with spouse and business partners can remain stain for some time and with lot of native’s hard work it will improve. Love life will see ups and downs but the relationship will last and same is seen with the children. All the efforts to improve will done by the native. Relations with neighbors will improve.

Travel related to job and business is on the cards. Financial growth is seen for the people having Sagittarius Rashi but no major elevation will be seen. This transit will give gains but this gain will come at a slow pace. Unexpected problems can also come as Sade sati is about to get over. Health is of concern for the native. This is the time for patience and patience will pay off.

Saturn’s Transit in Capricorn

Saturn is the lord of the Lagna or the first house and also the lord of the second house which is a Markesh. The placement of planet Saturn is in the first house.  Saturn is placed well in the first house which is its own house but will not give very positive results as Capricorn Rashi is running second phase of the Sade sati.

This transit of Saturn will make the native work very hard and the result will be average both in the professional and personal life. New job opportunities for some but for some, there will be change in the job or problems with the bosses. During this time the native will have to make lots of adjustments and compromises. The native will go through a stressful period.

Personally there will be issues with the spouse and this may create differences with the partner. Emotional issues can be seen with the mother and her side of the family. Financially it is not a great time and if the money will come but the native will be forced to spend it for different reasons. So the native need to take care of his/her expenses. Some issues will be seen with the siblings too. Don’t pick up loans or you will not be able to pay them back easily. There is a possibility of litigation regarding property or finances. Enemies will create trouble for the native. Precautions need to be taken care of regarding health. Love life will be average and relationship with friends and children will not be too great. If wanting to be successful then hard work will only pay off.  Investment regarding buying of property is possible but don’t spend too much.



Saturn’s Transit in Aquarius

Saturn is the lord of the Lagna or first house and also the twelfth house and transit Saturn is placed in the twelfth house. This is the first phase of the Sade sati and the placement of Saturn will not give negative results.

In the twelfth house Saturn can give a new job or increment in the present job with financial enhancement. There may be increase in the saving and those wanting to start a new course will see benefit results. Relationship with spouse will improve and your children will also do well in life. New business ventures are on the cards. It will give native financial gains in business deals. Love life will also be comfortable. Relationship with sibling will improve.

The health of the native’s mother will improve if she has been facing health problem. Saturn is in Capricorn and though it is placed in its own sign native can feel the pressure due to hard work and near and dear ones will start to drift apart. You may even buy a vehicle for yourself. Precautions need to be taken regarding the finances.

Saturn’s Transit in Pisces

Saturn is the lord of the tenth and eleventh house and placed in the tenth house. The placement of Saturn is eleventh from the Moon so the transit will be beneficial for finances. The native financial situation will improve and there can be elevation in the position of the job with financial increments. A new comfortable job is on the cards. Over work and stress are also on the cards and the native will be burdened with family issues with some drifting away from the mother and issues with the spouse. Short and long distance travel is on the cards. Relation with children will be comfortable but towards the end of the transit the relationship can get spoilt if precautions are not taken care.

Investment in property is possible but sees to it that you do not go beyond your budget. Health of the father can be of concern. Religious trips are on the cards and that will bring peace for the native. You may become more religious or spiritual. Discord with neighbors will be seen. Lots of opportunities will knock on your door but pick them up but be in your budget.

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