Saturn’s outcomes based on 17TH January 2023 Saturn’s Transit

Saturn’s outcomes based on 17TH January 2023 Saturn’s Transit

Saturn’s outcomes based on 17TH January 2023 Saturn’s Transit
Sade Sati for an individual from the age of :

  • Ages 0-15: parents will have difficult times, and there can be conflicts in the family
  • Ages 15–30 → love failure, loss of job / loved ones, broken marriages, or sometimes can give you your dream job but Saturn dissatisfaction remains.
  • Ages 30–45 & 45–60 → loans, debts, pleading, loss of loved ones, debts to build a home, debts on a new car, purchasing a 2nd hand house/ car, family issues.
  • Age 60 and above → health issues, separation from loved ones, bone and teeth related issues, some problem from helping people ( maids, drivers, etc.)


Sade Sati will have its sphere of influence on individuals but the degree of suffering depends on

  • Ageof the individual.
  • Position of Saturnin one’s horoscope
  • Strength of the moon( a strong moon
  • Individuals currently running Maha Dasha is favourable or not..

People  running malefic house like 6th or 8th lord house dasha during Sate Sati will have more adverse effect  .

Moon is of importance as  Sade Sati is seen from Moon and it will will play mind games with the individual.

Getting a job, marriage will not be an obstacle during this time-however there will be satisfactory and financial issues during the sate sati period will be seen.. Saturn is changing its signs form 17th January 2023 to 30th March 2025.It is important in various respect.

Firstly, the transit of Saturn is the slowest compared to the transits of other planets in Astrology.

Secondly, Saturn enters the mulatrikona, the most beloved and comfortable sign for itself and we can also see positive signs of Saturn too.

Thirdly, Saturn is another word for karma, its transition symbolizes the beginning of a new stage of development.

Aquarius is under the ruled by Saturn but some effect of Moon node Rahu is also seen. They are unpredictable, freedom-loving and not attached to anything, except for ideals and  are ahead of time, courageous  but at the same time  Rahu can make Aquarius rebel against the system. Aquarius energies in ignorance give birth to desperate, dangerous radicals for society. So all these moods will be in the air throughout the entire two-year of Saturn’s transit.

In 2022 (April 29-July 12), we had a little experience of living the transit of Saturn in Aquarius, until the planet began its retrograde movement and returned to the sign of Capricorn for half a year.

Astrological predictions on my profile are as generalized as possible. For more accurate forecasts, I invite you to personal astrological consultations, where you can discuss any issues that concern you in various areas of life, look at the astrological periods that raise certain scenarios in your personal horoscope at the current time, and choose methods for harmonizing negative planetary influences

.Please check this from Moon Sign .

Aries: Saturn transiting through the 11th house of growth and profit, Saturn will give a positive result. Despite the fact that it has the energy of compression,success factor in Aquarius will help in making a profit financially as well as making new friends who will be high-ranking, influential people. However, in this  transit one should not be reckless. There is the possibility during this time.

Taurus: There can be new appointments / promotions at work, change of place / field of activity are likely. Great emphasis is placed precisely on social realization, where great luck is likely, since Saturn for Taurus is the planet of yoga karaka, which forms the royal combination of success in managing houses.

Gemini: Saturn in the 9th house complicates the relationship with the father, his health may deteriorate, or difficulties may come into the life of the father. On the positive side, it is a great time to reconsider and realize the true motives and meanings of religious practices. Education is on the cards. After 23rd April 2023 when Jupiter transit in Aries there is a chance for birth of children.

Cancer: Saturn’s transit in Cancer is not the gentlest transit as it is 8th from Moon, most often bringing many changes in life and, as a result, stress. It is recommended to be careful  in life for example, extreme sports / travel / business / job. Since the 8th house is also the house of ancestral money / unexpected gains, it is likely to receive inheritance / social payments, resolve court issues. .

Leo: Lonely Lions have every chance to meet their love, and for those who have already found it, they can take their relationship to a new level and officially register a marriage, both Saturn and Jupiter will bless it, which will move into the sign of Aries in the April. Also this transit can bring family expansion and the birth of children.

Virgo: Saturn enters the house of enemies, debts and diseases; therefore, it can create problem in this area so It is recommended to be attentive to health. Precautions should be taken regarding health of one self and spouse As for the enemies, this can also be recouped by healthy competition. In the case of employment new job is on the cards along with change of place. Litigation/ court cases can also be seen so it would be advisable to settle them outside the court as they may run for long.


Libra: In this transit attention should be given to affairs of children / students, children will require increased participation and investment of effort. In a love relationship, romance may not be enough, but with the  coming Jupiter into Aries in April, a change in matrimonial status is predicted for Libra, and a fateful acquaintance is likely for single Libra. The transit of Saturn through the 5th house can also increase the interest for chanting mantras, prayers, reading scriptures, visiting temples. The issues of obtaining knowledge and education will be relevant.

Scorpio: The transit of Saturn through the 4th house often brings changes in connection with real estate – whether it can be moving, repairs, sales / purchases. There may be mental tension and discontent. The relationship with your mother can be a special one, and in general, there may not be the mildest changes in a mother’s life that will require your participation.

Sagittarius: Saturn can bless you with the birth of children, taking into account the upcoming transition of Jupiter into Aries. It will also be much easier with income and finances as Saturn finally stops bringing restrictive energies into the house of profit. Frequent short trips are likely.

Capricorn: the ruler of Capricorn Saturn moves into the sign of his moolatrikona, it’s most favorable position, so the transit of Saturn, which usually has the energy of contraction and limitation, will act as favorably as possible in monetary matters, allowing you to receive a decent reward. Pay more attention to relationships with the parent family. Given the transition of Jupiter into Aries in the spring of 2023, real estate changes are likely: moving, repairs, purchases, sales.

Aquarius: the most important transit of Saturn through the 1st house of the personality, of which Saturn is already the ruler, will bring many changes in life. They will be complex, fundamental, vital. Transformational time, get ready! But you will definitely like it, because people born under the Saturn sign are hardworking and able to work with Saturn energies. Given the transit of Jupiter in Aries (from 23th April 2023), a change in marital status is likely, the conclusion of a formal union.

Pisces: Saturn draws attention to the themes of the other world, spirituality, detachment. The favorable transit to do  yoga and spiritual practices, visiting holy places. Saturn will tend to isolate and restrict external contacts. It is also likely that there will be an increase in spending, loss, or even better, a release from everything that does not bring you good.


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