Saturn is the second largest planet and slowest moving planet in the Solar System. There are nine planets in the Indian Vedic Astrology.  Saturn changes its sign once in every 2.5 years and completes its rotation in29.46 years. Saturn has three concentric rings around it and these rings are separate and have only black empty space in between them. Saturn appears Saturn like a blue ball with three yellow rings. Another name for Saturn is Yana as it governs our LONGEVITY. Saturn is barren, dry, hard, nervous and secretive. Saturn represents West direction. It represents colour blue, jet black and indigo. Saturn being a malefic planet represents Longevity, miseries, old age, workers, law, agriculture, and travel abroad for residence, debts, legs and poison.  Saturn decides the fructification of our karmas.   Saturn is the lord of tenth house or Karma Bhava, and eleventh house or Fulfillment of desires Bhava from the Kaalpurush chart. .

Sade Sati is a period of 7.5 years which starts with the transit of Saturn in twelfth house from the Moon sign then it moves over the Moon Sign/ Moon Rashi and lastly when it is second from the Moon Sign or Rashi. In each house Saturn transits for a period of 2.5 years or we can say. Shani/ Saturn take 2.5 years to move from one sign to another sign of Zodiac house. If we calculate it for 3 signs i.e. twelfth, first and second signs from the Natal Moon, it comes 3*2.5= 7.5 year


The Saturn transits from Natal moon or we can say where your Moon is placed in which sign at the time of birth, Moon Rashi or Sign remains the same throughout your life span. The transit of Saturn is in three houses namely Twelfth, First and Second from the Moon Rashi/sign. Those periods of transit of Saturn is categorized in following three phases:.  For example if a person was born in Capricorn Moon Sign his Sade Sati starts with Saturn transit in Sagittarius and continues till Saturn transit in Aquarius .  Saturn transit in Sagittarius is called as first phase of Sade Sati, Saturn transit into Capricorn or Moon Sign/Rashi is called as middle Phase of Sade Sati, Saturn transit into Aquarius is called as third Phase or Last Phase of Sade Sati

First Phase of Sade Sati

The first phase of Sade Sati. Starts with transition of Planet Saturn in twelfth house from Moon Rashi/Sign. When Saturn transit into twelfth house is called as first phase of Sade Sati. In this period Saturn aspects the third is on the Second house so we see that  the native faces problems in the relationship with the immediate family, speech and eyes related issues are also seen. Saving will get depleted but investments are also seen during this period. Saturn seventh  aspects is on  the sixth house so you will face problems from the enemies both open and closed and if the Dasha running of the native is also not favorable the native may have loan related issues. Native in the job may have issues with their subordinates..Health can also be of concern during this period..The tenth aspect of Planet Saturn on the ninth house will create some Relationship issues with your father which can further cause tension for the individual but foreign travel is seen during the first phase of the Sade Sati and it could be both for profession as well as pleasure

Second Phase of Sade Sati:

In the second phase of Sade Sati Planet Saturn transits from twelfth house to the first house from Moon Rashi/Sign. Saturn’s transits over Moon Rashi/Sign is called the second phase of Sade Sati. This is the most difficult period of the Sade Sati as the planet Saturn when transits over Moon, the planet Moon being an emotional planet so the second phase not only affects the native emotionally but also it affects the health of the individual. During this period an individual feels low, may have depressions and anxiety so that is why we feel low during this transit. Sometimes this phase is also called “the Peak phase”.
During this transit of Saturn, the other effect of Saturn’s transit on the third house from the third aspect so with friends, relatives and even neighbors can be seen, there could be difference between the siblings, heath issues related to shoulder or arms. There could be change of residence during this period.
Saturn aspect on the seventh house through its 7th aspect, which causes relationship conflicts with your spouse and those in business may have issues/ tensions with their partners.
Planet Saturn also aspect tenth house of the  horoscope with its 10th aspect, which causes issues/problems in professional life, those in business face financial crisis and professional downfall while natives in job will face troubles at work front or may have issues with their bosses. Sometimes the effect of Saturn is very harsh and the native is left jobless.

Third Phase  of the Sade Sati:

The third phase of Sade Sati starts when Saturn transits from first house or the Moon Rashi/Sign to the second house from Moon so the transit of Planet Saturn in the second house transit is the last phase of Sade Sati which comes after approximately 5 years. During this transit, Saturn/ Shani aspect on the fourth house by the third aspect starts negative aspect on your peace of mind, happiness, mother’s health can cause tension for you, some property related disputes, students will have problem in education and lastly the general welfare gets affected

Saturn aspect on the eighth house by its seventh aspect will bring about issues regarding Health, may bring in disgrace, sorrows, debts, issues with your in-laws, intense mental worry, problems in ancestral property and trouble to partners and brother.                    O elder brother or sister, elevation in spouse job, relationship with friends see a down trend and eleventh house being the house for fulfillment of wishes will be curbed. Small health issues are also seen specially related to ears and bones. If the Dasha is not very  Positive Heart related issues can be seen.



When the Sade Sati starts the First year has been allotted to the Sade sati Face of the native so the native will have negative effect on its face, danger from accidents and lot of expenditure on journeys.

The Second year of Sade Sati shows effect on right relationship with siblings, eyesight, speech, hard work and the body part that gets affected is the left shoulder but financially a favorable period.
The Third year of Sade Sati has negative effect on the mind so the native will go through depression, stress and anxiety. The heart in health may get affected. Property gains will be seen in this period.

The Fourth year of Sade Sati shows effect on the upper portion of the stomach and the chest. You will face acidity problems and pain in the chest due to gastic and indigestion problems. Self earned property will be beneficial for you but pece of mind is effected.,

The Fifth year of Sade Sati shows effect the children and you will face trouble regarding them. Love life of an individual will also get affected and disputes with your lover would be seen. The intellectual side of the individual will be effected so the native can lose some of his wisdom. If any type of gambling is done then you will face heavy losses.

The Sixth year of Sade Sati shows effect on the job front. Lot of individual face problems at the job front and loan related problems begin to erupt and bad depts. are seen during this period. There could be court cases during this year. Mental stability of an individual gets effected and unexpected financial losses are seen in this year.

The Seventh year of Sade Sati shows effect on the physical health of the native and in terms of relationship wife major difference is seen with the spouse and Marital happiness gets effected severely and some difference with your parents. eyes, respect, happiness, prestige.

The final six months of Sade Sati effects is usually the most difficult period where lot of changes are seen in your personal and professional life with the miseries are at the peak and the  individual is in lot of stress and is very unhappy.

Out of all these 7.5 years the most difficult period  2.5 years only which is the middle phase and it effects almost everybody as Saturn is a planet of Karma and everyone has to pay for their good and bad deeds..  This is the middle phase of Sade Sati.  Very few people in this world come out of this phase without any difficulties so we see problems like In this particular period people will experience loss of someone in the family, financial troubles, career troubles, relationship troubles, ill luck, differences in the family with children, stress, loss of emery, both mentally and physically. Loss of energy, sleep disorder,  gastric troubles, inability to move with proper vision etc.


Sade Sati effects everyone but its effect is seen differently in different aspects of life or we can say is that Sade Sati effects a native differently  when it will come during childhood, youth, young age, middle age or old age.

1) When Sade Sati comes in the Childhood: It will affect children by giving them stress related to education, the reduction in the percentage of marks is seen, you may not be able to clear your entrance exams, health issues will be seen and relationship with parents can deteriorate

2)When Sade Sati comes in the Middle Age: Sade Sati  will effect by creating trouble in  Marriage life, issues and differences with your spouse will increase, love life will be effected, there will be problems in business and downfall in business as well as job related issues will be seen.  . Stress and depression is also seen during the middle age. Financial life of an individual gets effected/ financial crisis and relationship problems with your family.

3)When Sade Sati comes in the Old Age: Sade Sati will affects the native’s  health, financial position will be reduced, the position & power of the individual gets effected, relationship with children gets effected, death etc.
. An individual usually have only three cycles of Sade Sati in his life time but people born in Sade Sati may have even four cycle of Sade Sati.


There is one more question that comes in the mind of the native is when the Moon Sign and the Ascendant Sign is the same then we see Sade Sati either from Ascendant chart or from Moon Chart there will be no difference and the reading and effect of Sade Sati will be intensified positively or negatively depending on once posing of Saturn and its houses

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