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Salman Khan’s full name is Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, he is the top most actor of   Bollywood industry today and he is the most bankable star in the  recent years. He has given super hits like Wanted, Bodyguard, Dabang 2, Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Tiger Zinda Hai and Race 3 , to name a few. Salman khan was born on 27th December 1965 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh to Salim Khan and Salma Khan. He has a muslin father and a Hindu mother and his stepmother Helen is a Christian so he is the perfect example of Unity in Diversity for our country India. Apart from being a great actor he is a great human being and his NGO Being Human has helped numerous people specially the small children. This shows Salman love for the children and it also shows what a superb human being


 Salman Khan’s-   Date of Birth: Monday, December 27, 1965

  • Time of Birth: 14:30:00
  • Place of Birth: Indore
  • Longitude: 75 E 54
  • Latitude: 22 N 42


Astrological details of Salman’s Khan:

                           Rasi/ Moon Sign: Aquarius

Nakshatra or Constellations: Dhanishta

                 Star Sign/ Sun Sign (Western): Capricorn

                 Star Sign/ Sun Sign (Indian): Sagittarius


Salman Khan’s Horoscope:

Salman Khan was born when the Aries Ascendant was rising in the East and his Moon Rashi or Moon sign is Aquarius which is placed 11th from the ascendant. The Lagna lord is Mars, which is exhaled in his 10th house which is the house of profession. Mars, the Lagna Lord is in Capricorn with Venus. Mars being the commander in chief of the army so such persons who have Mars, Lagna lord exalted like to be independent. They can lead their group/community and even country and will not be subservient to anybody. Therefore, it is very difficult to keep such a person under control. He is known to strike his enemies hard. These Martian characteristics also give courage and strength but can give a violent temperament.

Saturn is the planet of profession and fulfillment of desire for Salman Khan as it is the Lord of the tenth and the eleventh house and Saturn is placed in its own sign in Aquarius. Saturn is the reason why Salman has done well in life especially in his profession where he has reached great heights. This is one of the best planets in Salman’s horoscope. Another beautiful combination seen in Salman’s horoscope is Planet Jupiter which being the ninth lord is sitting opposite to the fifth lord Sun. The planet of expansion – Jupiter is in his third house of courage also so he has enough guts to do whatever he wants to do and the direct aspect of Sun has increased Jupiter’s power and Salman’s strong behavior to be vocal.
Third and sixth lord Mercury is very well placed in the eighth house in Scorpio forming a yoga which makes him brainy and intellectual Mercury in the eighth House in Scorpio has given Salman a great jolly nature, friends and sense to forgiveness too but with Sun in the ninth has provided him with some Ego too. Salman streak of restlessness is due to the presence of Exalted Mars in the tenth house and aspecting the Lagna/Ascendant causes Salman Khan to cast aside an idea before it matures. This is because of the placement of exalted Mars.  The big heart of Salman khan is due to the presence of Jupiter aspecting the ninth house and moon in Aquarius, this has also given him great luck which has benefited and helped him to be a super star

His Moon is in Aquarius which is in the Nakshatra Dhanishta. Dhanishta the zenith of Martian energy as it’s lord  is Mars, In Sanskrit when translated it means “the most heard of” or “the most famous” .Dhanishta also means  “the wealthiest”.  These attributes apply better to Salman Khan than anyone else. An interesting thing about people born with their Moon in Dhanishta is this Nakshatra tend to give mates or partners who are very different in personality and outlook. This is also seen in Salman’s life


                       Ruchaka Yoga (Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga)

Description: Mars is in its own house or exhaled and that house happens to be a quadrant/ Kendra (1, 4, 7 and 10) from Ascendant or moon Sign Planet involved is Mars

Result: Aggressive leader in army or otherwise, ability to lead people/group/community

According to Classical text, Salman Khan has Ruchaka yoga in his chart. This yoga is formed when. Lagna lord Mars is exalted in 10th house and going towards its exaltation which can be seen in Salman’s horoscope. This yoga is one of the best of   Mahapurush Yoga In this yoga the native – “This person is good looking and handsome, with a prominent face, beautiful eyebrows, dark hair and clear, somewhat darkish complexion. The waist is slim and so are the lower limbs.  The person is bold and courageous, full of strength and vigor, and eager to pursue adventurous activities wherefrom name and fame is gained. The person is, of royal bearing and ever intent on combat, the commander of an army.”

This single combination is enough to ensure his phenomenal success in life against all odds.  Yes, the undesired side effect of this yoga is that it makes the native short-tempered and aggressive too.

Mars from 10th house is aspecting Lagna and is also aspecting the 4th house which is the house for emotions and peace. Mars is aspecting 5th house which is the house of creativity and affairs. Salman is known for his brash/rash and aggressive behavior and he has had his fair share of affairs with the ladies. 5th lord in very well placed in the 9th house and is expected by 9th lord Jupiter. Jupiter also aspects Moon and Saturn. This shows that while Moon is posited with Saturn in Saturn’s Mooltrikona sign, it is under the close beneficial influence of Jupiter, which gives it the levelheadedness.

Raja Yoga


  1. When there is Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect between Kendra lords 1 and 7. In Salman’s horoscope planets involved are Mars and Venus
  2. When there is Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect between Kendra lords 4 and 10. In Salman’s horoscope planets involved are Moon and Saturn
  3. When there is Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect between Trikona lords 5 and 9, planets. In Salman’s horoscope involved are Jupiter and Sun

Result: This Yoga provides the Fortune of a King to the native, it gives grand rise in career or business and a great degree of financial stability.

Raja Yoga

There are multiple Raj and Dhana yoga in Salman’s chart. 9th lord is aspecting both 4th and 5th Lord. 2nd lord is in friend’s house in 10th, along with ascendant lord. Rahu and Ketu are in exaltation in 2/8 axis. Rahu’s influence on the 2/6/10 axis gives immense wealth. Mars is also the 8th lord, which in exaltated in 10th house indicates hardships in working and success in later part of life. It indicates lots of support and money of other people who invest on him. 8th Lord in 10th also indicates that is Salman will have long lived parents and his parents will be supportive.

The lord of the5th, Sun (a Trikona) is very well placed in the 9th house which is the house of fortune and there is mutual aspect between Jupiter, lord of 9th house and Sun, lord of the 5th. This combination ensures that he will always be lucky and will always have the support of the people around him


Vipreet Raja Yoga

Description: Vipreet Raj Yoga is formed when the lord of evil house (6th, 8th, and 12th) sits in any one of the other two evil houses. In Salman’s horoscope the 6th lord located in 8th or 12th house, planet involved is Mercury

Result: In this Yoga Success is seen in adverse situations, it is rise in name and fame with fortune Enterprising and opportunist
All these combine to give him wealth, money and comforts of life.

The other yoga’s seen in Salman’s chart are Dhana Yoga, Bhagya Yoga and Sankhya Pasha Yoga

Some Negative aspects in Salman’s personality

In Indian Vedic Astrology Moon represents the mind / emotions / thoughts. In Salman’s horoscope Moon is also the lord of the fourth house which signifies domestic life and peace of mind and mother. In his natal chart, Moon is placed in the eleventh house along with malefic planet, Saturn.  This combination kills the good aspects of the life of a person. The kind of negative effects possible are:

  • Making the person very sensitive and causes Sadistic approach
  • Makes the person very emotional, temperament
  • Spoiling the domestic life and makes the person nature stressful


Salman Khan’s Dasha from Sep 6, 2002 to Sep 6, 2021

Salman Khan started his Saturn Mahadasha on 6th September 2002 and as duration of Saturn Dasha is for 19 years and it will last till 6th September 2021. Saturn in Salman’s horoscope is the lord of the tenth and the eleventh. Tenth house indicates profession, fame, recognition, foreign travel, father, power, authority, litigation. While the eleventh house represents Gain of money, wealth, friends, longevity, speculation, and freedom from misery, desires and their fulfillment


Salman’s Saturn is very well placed in its own sign and house, Aquarius which is the Mooltrikona Rashi of Saturn. This Dasha talks about achievement of goals during its tenure of 19 years. Saturn is a stable planet so it will not only give achievement but will also give stability to Salman which was lacking in his life. Saturn is a mature planet so slowly maturity will seep into Salman’s life

Physically as well as mentally Salman Khan will be very courageous during this period. This is a good phase for Salman Khan’s relatives as he will be very supportive towards them . Salman Khan’s career life will be successful or in other words success is assured. Material gains are indicated things are also indicated, Saturn is a planet for landed and agriculture property so Salman will buy a lot of land during this period. Salman Khan’s enemies will not be able to plunk before Salman Khan. Salman Khan will come into contact with people and will make new friend to whom he will be of great help. Tenth and eleventh lord Saturn does help and support to others instead of getting help. It talks of one being self sufficient. This period is good to have affairs but does not talk of marriage. Saturn being a malefic planet will give bad health to Salman and will also bring emotional unhappiness from time to time


The current will get a lot of support from his family to further his career. But as explained earlier, he may not find full internal peace. During this period he will also ponder and deliberate over various subject matters considerably. There will always be a possibility of cunning and shrewd people taking advantage of his simplicity and hurting him in return. So he needs to take care on this aspect very seriously.


Also the period till 3rd November 2019 is likely to give him many challenges and surprises.. It will be very interesting to watch him during this period as he will pull out many new and wonderful surprises relating to his talent

Of course, this period will also make him ambitious and also capable of achieving his goals –

A note of caution for him during the sub Dasha of Jupiter he has to keep his soft behavior under control and be too soft with his family and friends.


Salman Khan’s Saturn Transit 2018-19 horoscope
The Planet Saturn transit Sagittarius from 26th October 2017 to 24th January 2020. This Saturn transit is eleventh from the moon Rashi and is placed 9th from the Ascendant. This transit of Saturn is not a very favorable transit for Salman. He will see loads of up and down in his career and also in his personal life. He will see his relationship with someone becoming distant and a new person coming in his life. This is a period of financial expenses and losses too. New investments will be seen during this period and will not be that fruitful especially from June 2018 to April 2019 but some relief will be seen after April 2019 New investments are on the cards which will bring him beneficial results after January 2020. New project will give him long term benefits .Health will improve in this transit of Saturn


Salman Khan’s Jupiter Transit in 2018-19

Jupiter is the lord of the Ninth and twelfth lord in Salman chart. Jupiter will remain in Scorpio almost whole of 2019 which is in the 8th house from the ascendant and 10th from the Moon sign. Jupiter’s Transit is not that favorable in Salman chart so this year he will have little difficult times at his work front. But we can say that when Jupiter will become retrograde so the negativity of Jupiter will be reduced and Jupiter will be able to give positive results between April and August 2019. In November 2019 Jupiter will be in a favorable position and will give beneficial results further on.



The current Dasha and the Transit of Planets in 2019

Salman is running SATURN Mahadasha from 6th September 2002 and will continue till 6th September 2021. And he is now running JUPITER Antardasha since 24th February 2019 and will run till 6th September 2021. During this period Salman will be very busy in his professional life and his hands will be full. He will see financial gains more in the end of the year but May to July will also be comfortable. But we need to remember that this is the last Antardasha in Saturn Mahadasha, it is called the Chidra Dasha or the changing phase in one’s life so Salman will see lot of changes some for betterment and will reach to a newer level. He will go into television too. The movie Bharat will be a successful movie and will set a new place for itself in Bollywood and Salman will be appreciated for his acting skills. Financially the movie will be in 100 crore bracket but May not be able to break previous records of Salman’s movies. This movie will do very well overseas also and will get Salman lots of appreciation overseas and greater heights will be achieved.

On 5th of June 2019, conjunction of Mercury, Mars, Moon and Rahu in Gemini which is the 3rd house in Salman’s chart and  Venus and Sun in Taurus which is the Second house in Salman’s chart with Jupiter in the eighth house and Saturn an Ketu in the ninth house. These combinations will give appreciation from the masses as well as from politically connected people. This movie will do well in smaller cities and towns too


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