Planet Rahu and Ketu in Astrology

Rahu and Ketu are the nodes of the Moon and are called shadow planets as they do not have a physical body. Another name given to Rahu is Chhaya Graha in Indian Vedic Astrology. Rahu is the Dragon’s head and Ketu is the Dragon’s tail. This is a clue to the significance of the Moon’s nodes as the head is forward looking and the Tail represents the past. Astronomically they are not planets, however, due to its major impact on human’s life, they are considered as planets in astrology. The position of Rahu is very important as it represents the work that has to be done in the present life and Ketu represent the qualities which have already been developed in the past life and so the attitude of the native represents in the present life. They are also called “Karmic Planets”

Ancient Sagas have called Rahu a diplomat and Ketu a seer. Rahu and Ketu eclipse the Sun and the Moon as Sun represents our Soul and Moon our Mind. In Hindu Vedic Astrology Rahu and Ketu both are considered as Malefic Planets but Rahu is earthly and Ketu is more spiritual in nature.

Planet Rahu

Rahu, according to Rig Veda is not a planet but a demon. According to the Vedic Sagas the phenomenon of Solar Eclipse was the result of Sun being devoured by a demon called Swarbhanu and on New Moon Day when Moon entered the Sun so the demon Swarbhanu devoured both.

Rahu is feminine. Rahu has three asterisms – Ardra, Swati and Satabhisha. They fall in signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and are ruled by planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn which form a group of friendly planets. Mercury represents intellect, Venus represents pleasure and luxury and Saturn represents hard work and suffering so Rahu gives the above things in plenty to the native who has Rahu Mahadasha running. Rahu is a mystery planet which doesn’t have a body of its own; hence he doesn’t know how much he wants sometimes. He remains unsatisfied due to his bodyless head. He has the passion and wants more. Rahu creates obsession within the person’s mind.

Rahu’s transit in each sign is for a period of 18 months and the Vimshottari Dasha of Rahu is for a period of 18 years. Rahu Dasha gives effect through the whole period of 18 years.

Rahu represents the direction South West. It is the Karaka for Research, Traveling and Life in foreign lands, pain and swellings, gambler, hypocrite, arguments, epidemics, cunningness, amputation, skin diseases, poison. Rahu, the planet represents profession like Research, lawyers, medicine, airlines, aviation, aeronautical, hides and skin, wrestlers, electricity and telephones.

 Rahu and Ketu act in Houses

Rahu is in the First house then Ketu will naturally be in the seventh house. Their results are complimentary to each other meaning if we predict about Rahu in the first house then no separate delineation of Ketu is required. Rahu and Ketu do better in the 3,6,10 and 11 houses. Rahu is a giver and Ketu is a taker.

Rahu in

 First House: In these house personal values are more important than professional life, the native need to rely on oneself and should be aware of the business partnerships as he may face issues because of them. The native may be unsympathetic, manipulative and have wicked temperament.

 Second House: In this house Rahu gives an unusual/ unfairly ways of  earning and the native is fairly rich but touchy in nature, does not hesitate to pick up quarrels,  may have more than one wife, lacks domestic peace by internal bickering.

 Third House: In this house Rahu makes the individual bold, happy and long life, quarrels with brothers, lot of comforts, conveyance and good for wealth.

 Fourth House: In this house Rahu gives benefit from parents specially the mother. Gain can be through immovable property and the native may be head of a town, friendly with low people, stubborn and not good for married life

 Fifth House: In this house Rahu signifies close relationship with children, limited progeny, the nature of the native is short tempered, absentmindedness and forgetful. The native has success in love/ romance but regarding friendships they may lack in that sphere.

Sixth House: Native with Rahu in this house  will enjoy life, will be rich, have success over enemies and will have material comforts. The enemies will vanish automatically and the hurdles will overcome easily. The native will be long lived.

 Seventh House: In this house Rahu the partnership both professionally and personally will be very important for the native and the partners will be more mature and intelligent than the native. The marriage of the native will be unconventional yet the native  will be proud, arrogant, headstrong, diseased.

Eighth House: In this house Rahu will make the native sickly, mean and there could be loss of partner. The native may have depressed nature. Stong interest in occult science is seen in the individual. Legacies is promised

 Ninth House: In this house Rahu will make the native rude in speech, selfish, cunning and will cheat others The native will have disregard for religion. The native may be involved in publications/foreign affairs. Native will become rich and popular.

Tenth House: In this house Rahu will have great success in the professional field. The individual will be more in public life and would spend less time on home matters. Public recognition and honors will come in some native’s life. Personal life of the individual will not be too good especially at the parents front. Placement of Rahu in this house can create enemies and jealousies.

 Eleventh House: In this house Rahu will have numerous friends and he will be able to gain out of those friends. The native will have numerous foreign trips, long life and will earn great wealth. The native will get great appreciation from family, friends and also in business world.. Native will own lands and building. Native will be a learned person, will achieve victory over enemies.

 Twelfth House: In this house Rahu will give few children and will have continued illness, lives away from home, expenses exceeds income will be a sinner, unprincipled and unscrupulous,. Native will be helpful to others and success in occultism

Hence Rahu is the most important planet as kalyug is defined through the planet “Rahu” so it plays a very important role in Astrology

Rahu in Gemini, Ketu in Sagittarius

Rahu transits in Gemini on 23rd March 2019 and will remain till 19th September 2020 and this Rahu Ketu transit will be for a period of 18 months. Rahu and Ketu transit will have both positive and negative on each Moon signs in the New Year starting from 6th of April 2019. Rahu, the planet causes major positive and negative effect in one’s life while Kato’s effect depends on the good and/or bad deeds done by you in previous life.

The prediction below is based on the Moon sign or Moon Rashi


Rahu in Gemini

Planet Mercury rules the sign Gemini in Astrology Mercury  and the planet Rahu and Mercury are positive  to each other as they are friends in Indian Vedic Astrology Rahu is a planet which is governed by mysticism, cleverness, manipulation and confusion while Mercury indicates intelligence, education, friends, trading so an individual having Rahu Mahadasha and along with it a benefic transit of Rahu will see an increase in wisdom, manipulation and intelligence in their nature. Rahu in Gemini makes the person skillful and tactful in many fields. These natives can solve the problems which arise in their life with ease.

The sign Gemini is also related to speech, being versatile, having logic, being youthful, good conversation, witty, impulsive talkers, imaginative, lively and good in profession so with Rahu coming in Gemini will in general increase the quality of the above said traits in people who have well place Rahu in their native horoscope.

Effects of Rahu Ketu Transit on Various Moon Signs:


Rahu Ketu’s Transit in Moon Sign, Aries


Rahu will transit in third house from the Moon sign Aries. This transit of Rahu is favorable and third house represents courage, longevity, patience, younger brother, short distance travel, neighbors,  partition of property, communication and publishing. Major changes for betterment will be seen for the native especially in his professional life as there is not only an elevation in this financial situation. New partnership and New business opportunities are on the cards. Native looking for a new job will get opportunities  with good financial gains and enhanced designation.

Numerous short distance travels will be seen the natives both for personally and professionally reasons. Gains from friends are predicted and enhanced social life will be seen. Long distance travel will be profitable. Luck will be on the native’s side. Unexpected gains in property matter are on the cards. Gains from ancestral property are also predicted. Relationship with children will see a marked improvement and students sitting for an entrance exam may clear with good grades and may get admission in their desired school or college.

The relationship with the spouse will be comfortable and a great understanding in the relationship will be seen. Native looking for marriage may be able to find a partner for themselves and their desires will be fulfilled.


Rahu Ketu Transit For Moon Sign, Taurus


Rahu will transit in the second house from the Moon Rashi and  is not a very favorable transit for the natives. The second house represents wealth, speech, family, education, friends, savings and worldly attainments. In this transit of Rahu the financial situation of the native will show a decline even though they will be unexpected gains but the gains will not be up to the mark or expectation of the individual so the native will feel dissatisfied. There will be an increase in the expenditure which will further bring dissatisfaction to the native. . One has to be cautious with money and finances during this time.  There could be a break of education in the life of the students and the students make even involve themselves in some mischievous deeds. New relationship at personal level but they will be short lived or it will be a roller coaster ride.. Rahu in second house will bring difficult times for the native not only at the professional level but the personal life will also be affected. There could be misunderstanding with the spouse but the clashes or disputes will get resolved with some efforts.

Some will have gains from ancestral property and may win some court cases. Health issues will be seen so some precautions need to be taken. Natives looking for a new job or venture will be able to do so but this satisfaction will be short lived. Hurdles will be seen and at the job front some discord with the subordinates is seen. Loan related issues are seen during the transit of Rahu in Gemini. Don’t give loans during this time as the chances of getting them back is remote.

Rahu Ketu Transit for Moon Sign, Gemini


Rahu will transit in the first house, this transit of Rahu is not favorable for the native. The first house represents self, health, happiness, character, prosperity, childhood and well being of a native. During this transit some personally changes will be seen and the native will become manipulative and talkative which can bring the individual into some difficulties. The native need to take the decision with precaution as they say precaution is better than cure. The happiness of the individual gets effected as there will be clashes with the spouse or if in business then there could be issues with business associates.

A new relationship is on the cards for the natives and those in relationship may look outside as dissatisfaction for some in personal life. Small issues will erupt but they will be long lasting and the native will not be able to resolve them easily. You have to be really cautious with every decision you make. Long distance travel is on the cards but it will not be very fruitful or will not be according to the native’s expectation. There could be tiffs with your old friends and family but the native will be able to handle them with intelligence and manipulation. Take utmost care of your health, as the duration might prove fatal for you. Consult a doctor if required and don’t procrastinate the situation. This transit will prove to be intellectually beneficial for you. Students will face certain difficulties in studies. You should try to restrain from any unwanted arguments and discussions. Don’t take hasty decisions


Rahu Ketu Transit For Moon Sign, Cancer


Rahu will transit in the twelfth house of Cancer which will not be very favorable for the native as the twelfth house represents expenditure, losses, foreign travel, divine knowledge, secret enemies, trouble to partner and hospitalization. In this transit Rahu will affect the native by giving unexpected expenses which will deplete the saving of the native and there is a possibility that the native may have to pick up loans during this period. Expenses will be a lot on entertainment and luxurious items as you will search for artificial pleasures in life Expenditure will also be seen on long and short distance travel for entertainment and the money spend will be much more than the native’s expectation. This is not the time to pick up loans as this can create trouble for you in the latter period.

The native need to take care of his/her health. If ignored this can further deteriorate the health and may land you in a hospital Court cases can also be seen for some individuals which will be solve with great difficulty. It is advisable to solve them immediately so they will be long lasting. At work front there could be a few challenges but with  hurdles and expenditure  the native will be able to solve them. New venture is on the cards and there could be new partnership which will be fruitful. Old relationships which has been lost over the years will be revived and give immense pleasure. Gain from ancestral property is on the cards or there could be new investments in immovable property. The native may buy a new Conveyance but don’t over extend your budget. Stress is seen during the whole transit of Rahu.

Rahu Ketu Transit For Moon Sign, Leo


Rahu will transit in the eleventh house, and this transit will be favorable for Leo Moon sign. The eleventh house represents gain of both money and knowledge, gains from friends, hopes, desires, wishes, aspirations getting fulfilled and recovery from illness. During this period the native will see major financial gains in professional life. New partnership is on the cards and this partnership will be fruitful. The native looking for a new job will get good opportunities not only in designation but also in financial matters. While those having business as profession will see major financial gains and new contracts will come in your pocket during the period. Gains from friends and elder sibling are also on the cards.

The native will improve his/her relationship with their children and more closeness will be seeing between the parent and offspring. Rahu in the eleventh house will be fruitful for you and play a major factor in benefitting from partners, friends and even from enemies. You will grow professionally and experience every golden opportunity coming in your way and heading towards you. You will be successful in your work and are more likely to receive benefits from different fields. Your social status and respect will grow, but be slightly careful from the seniors and try to maintain a cordial relationship with them.

Those looking for a partner in personal life may be able to find a good partner and the love life of the native relationship will flourish. The native will see long distance travel both at personal and professional front. Relationship with elder sibling will improve as there has been some discord in the last few years.

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 For Moon Sign, Virgo


Rahu will transit in tenth house from the Moon sign, this is an average position and some possibilities will be seen in your favor. The tenth house represents ambition, fame, recognition, profession, self reliance, father and authority. The native may see a change in the profession life but this change will give monetary gains and reputation. This is due to the good deed or good Karma. This positioning of Rahu isn’t too good although it give gains to the native. New business proposal is on the cards. Expenses will increase and investments need to be done with care. This transit will benefit you financially and professionally. You will be lucky and will try tricks or shortcuts to achieve your goals which will provide you with momentary advantage these short cuts won’t be beneficial for long-term.  Life for some may bring change of residence. Some tiff or dispute with your loved ones is also seen.

Health of the mother needs to be taken care of so take special care of her health is required Personal life will have hurdles because of difference of opinion with your spouse but they will be resolved. Those in love will have problem in love life and there could be a few show down and end up in a  breakup which can create trouble for you emotionally.

You may also get an opportunity to interact with foreign officials on behalf of your organization. You will feel more comfortable at business. You may face stomach related problems.

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 for Moon Sign, Libra


Rahu will transit into the ninth house, which is a house which represents destiny, fortune, wealth, travel, sudden property, father, son, pilgrimage, research, teachers and religion. Rahu in the ninth house from Moon Rashi is not a favorable transit for the natives as the financial situation of the native will see a downhill and along with that there could be disputes with the present partners. New partners will come up but the situation will not improve for the individual. Long distance travel is on the cards but either they will be for entertainment and in business the result with be a mixed bag.

There may be some dispute with the father but it will be resolved with time. Children will leave your home either for education or for work. Relationship with spouse will be a roller coaster ride for the natives. Unexpected gains and unexpected losses will be seen during the 18 months. You need to take care of your health too and stress and pressure will remain but sudden unexpected solutions will also be seen

Regarding financial matters expenses will be seen throughout the period and this will be a concern for you in this duration, you along with the family members might plan to go on for a visit to a pilgrimage. You will maintain your health and cordial relationship with your younger siblings. Be cautious about any friction with your neighbors as you may get irritated from them

Rahu Ketu Transit For Moon Sign, Scorpio


Rahu will transit in the eighth house, which will not be favorable for the natives. The eighth house represents longevity, hidden wealth, legacies, and loss of money from depts., foreign travels, delays, disappointments and mental worries. During this period the native will have lot of worries, disappointments and tensions. Rahu transit in the 8th house may not allow you peace of mind but your intuitive power will be at the peak so follow your intuition. The health of the native will not be too great.. Stain in the relationship with maternal family and children will be seen. During this period there would be depletion in the saving of the native as the expenses with me more than the earnings. The native need to be cautious regarding discussions as these discussions can lead to big arguments. The native will be irritated and may even be rude with others. Long distance travel is on the cards and people looking for permanent settlements will find their dreams coming true.

Heath should be of concern if not taken care it may even lead to hospitalization. New vehicle is on the cards but need to be in the budget. For people looking for relationship or marriage it is a favorable time as someone from the past can come up and will make your life happy. An old acquaintance can give you sudden gains but there could be arguments with friends.

Rahu Ketu Transit For Moon Sign, Sagittarius


Rahu will transit in the seventh house, which represents wife, husband, marriage, foreign travels, recovery of lost property, diplomacy and honour in foreign countries. The position of Rahu is not too favorable in this transit as we see the native going through default in personal life and clashes with the spouse and the communication with the spouse will not be too great during this period. New partnerships will be formed and old will break or there could be issues with the partners. There will be conflict of opinions with business partners along with certain obstacles at work with the boss and Subordinates

Financially this transit of Rahu is good as gains in money matter are indicated. The money flow will be comfortable but need to take care of the expenses as they will also be too high and can get you into trouble. There could be misunderstanding in your love life and if w take a few efforts to resolve them. Long foreign trips are on the card  and it will give unexpected gains for some.

Discord with the younger sibling will be seen during this period specially related to ancestral property..If looking for a change in job, new job is on the cards but there will be dissatisfaction from the new boss, you may have tensions in this transit of Rahu

Rahu Ketu Transit For Moon Sign, Capricorn


Rahu will transit the sixth house from the Moon sign and this will be a favorable transit for the individuals. The sixth house represents enemies, debts, diseases, sorrows, disappointments, scandal, imprisonment, job, gains, completion and loss in investments. In this transit the native will feel relief from old depts. And there will be clearing of debts of the native. Health of the natives will improve and some of the natives who are going through court cases will see settlement or the cases will go in your favors .Win over the enemies will be seen and a major relief from the worries which has affected the natives for a long time. Good news is on the cards related to profession and wealth. New business ventures will be seen during this period and this will give immense pleasure. Your career graph will be in all highs and you’re likely to be offered with job promotion and income hike. Love life will be rocking and family life will be great. Children will do well in life and relationship with family and friends will improve

There are chances of you attaining tremendous success in politics. Unexpected gains will be seen during this period. New investments will be seen during this period and this will enhance your savings. Children wanting to go for further education will get their desired fulfilled. You may go abroad for professional or educational purpose You will be full of confidence, will manage difficulties and rivals.

Rahu Ketu Transit For Moon Sign, Aquarius


Rahu transitioning in the fifth house is not a favorable transit of Rahu. The fifth house represents children, intelligence, wisdom, love fame, position, wealth, speculation, good morals and love life. This transit will not be suitable for finances as decrease in the earnings or increase in the expenses will be seen. Some unexpected gains will be seen but need to care of your spendthrift nature. During this period professional setbacks will be seen specially if financial speculation is done. Long distance travel is on the cards professionally but the gains from that travel will be seen with delays. You need to be careful with investments as frauds and losses can be predicted.

Relationship with children can be rocky and students appearing for entrance exams may not get results up to their mark. . The health of your child may become a cause of concern. Love life can be disturbing and some clash for you in any sense. You might end up arguing with your beloved partner. Try to understand the feelings of your partner and give them the time and affection they deserve. Religious travel is also on the cards but the health of the father can be affected. In case, there is a legal case pending, the judgment will come in your favor

Rahu Ketu Transit For Moon Sign, Pisces


Rahu will transit in the fourth house from your Moon sign and this transit of Rahu is not a favorable position. The fourth house represents mother, happiness, peace of mind, property, friends, education, saving and private affairs. In this period of 18 months the native will be depressed and unhappy. The personal life of the native will be effects and clashes at home front will be seen especially with mother and spouse. In the professional front the native will be busy and will have little time for personal life that could be another reason for discord. You may face several difficulties and challenges in the workplace. The health of the mother may be effected so precautions needed in that sphere. Students’ education will be effected due to lack of concentration.

At the professional front some unexpected problems will come up and will take time and effort to fulfill. The native can have few issues with his boss but lot of hard work is seen in the job and the individual may not get due appreciation. The increase in financial matters in the profession will not be up to the mark. You will see rise in your expenditure.

Dos and Don’ts during Rahu’s Transit

  • You need to be  tactful and have confidence in yourself
  • Take advantage of both professional and spiritual growth
  • Avoid impulsive conversations, discussions  and promises and stay away from arguments
  • Do not take any hasty  decisions

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