Mercury Transit in Sagittarius (24thNovember, 2017)

Mercury Transit in Sagittarius (24thNovember, 2017)

Mercury Transit in Sagittarius (24thNovember, 2017)

Mercury will transit in Sagittarius o 24th of November. Mercury represents intelligence, education. Business and trade. It a good position as it is a good position as it moves from Scorpio signs and now is with its friendly planet Saturn.
In Astrology mercury is the karaka for business but it also represent Mind or Intelligence. . Mercury rules two houses/signs in the Indian Vedic Astrology that is Gemini and Virgo. The Planet Mercury is mostly associated with younger sibling and it being a clever planet so it represents professions like law, transport, teachers, journalism, counsellors, bookshops Mercury’s Mooltrikona Rashi is Virgo and its Debilitation is in Pisces sign. Lucky stone is Emerald, onyx.
Mercury also represents speech, reasoning and cleverness. When it comes to relations the it represent sister and father’s sister or Bhua.
Mercury will remain in Sagittarius till 28th January 2018. It will retrograde on 3rd December2017 and will go to Scorpio again on11th December 2017and Mercury will become Direct on 23th December 2017 so this will be a long transit for Mercury.
The below mentioned predictions are based on your Moon sign.
The impact of Mercury Transit in Sagittarius on all the zodiac signs are given below:


The Planet Mercury will transit into 9th house from Moon: When Mercury is 9th from Moon the individual is more religious, philosophical, more in politics and foreign culture, may think of going abroad to study and at the work front the progress is slow and will have to work very hard to achieve its goal. Your reputation would increase in work and you will become more renound at workplace, Don’t pick up loans during this period or it will be difficult to pay back Some journeys might prove to be troublesome for you. New job overseas or far away from birthplace is predicted. Moreover, you might develop interest in reading, writing and acting. a reat support and great support is seen from your sister or a friend.


The Planet Mercury will transit into 8th house from Moon: During this transit, chances of buying a property is foreseen, People will have easy excess to anything they desire. Attaining success in one’s undertakings and endeavors is foreseen. Expenses are high on the cards. Moreover, happiness would persist from within and you would attain power in this transit period. Though you would experience gains, but potential loss is also predicted. Apart from this, unplanned vacation is also on the cards New ideas and partnerships are foreseen and fulfillment related to new business ventures


The Planet Mercury will transit into 7th house from Moon: In this transit period, you bring a logical versatile mind, articulate and witty, good time at problem solving related to business. This period also bring strong mental affinity with partner/ subordinates but when it comes to married life or love life it is quiet shaky. You will not keep too healthy stomach and lower part of the stomach will have problems. Though, a lot of work will be appreciated for your work, dedication and sincerity done by you. People who have been looking for a spouse for a long time your dream of getting married would be fulfilled


The Planet Mercury will transit into 6th house from Moon: During this transit, you would have susceptible to what others think, have versatile memory. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you would be working very hard and this hard work will pay off. You will be financially doing very good during this transit and depts. If any will be pay; off. Name and fame is foreseen if looking for a new venture it will come up to your door steps and in profession travel is seen on the cards but there could be hindrance if going for long distance. Marriage and love life would be average with small hurdles which will be rectified.


The Planet Mercury will transit into 5th house from Moon: During this period, you will be strong minded, slow in form and change opinion. This period is very favorable to sell ideas, if you are in a marketing job or have a showroom, you will be touching heights. This transit period will bring in happiness in love life and old grudges will be cleared but have to be tactful. Health will improve and bone and bone related issues will be resolved.


The Planet Mercury will transit into 4th house from Moon: During this transit period, you will become more analytical and rational with little over fussy in detailing. Your creative mind will be over active. Respect, fame and name will know your doors, this will not only increase your reputation but also bring elevation in business/profession and windfalls will be seen regarding wealth. With regard to progeny, good news is on the way. Health will remain comfortable during this time.


The Planet Mercury will transit into 3th house from Moon:. During this period you will have a very sharp mind and your mind will be capable of weighing all pros and cons and then you will reach a balanced decision. A period of great prosperity, the financial situation will drastically improve bring you to spend lavishly on yourself and your family. You will plan a lavish holiday with the family and in love life your intimacy will further improve. There are chances of new business proposals, you should grab with both hands and this will be a long time invest that will reap great results. During this period, you would enjoy your time with family and friends..This is a period of calmness with excitement.


The Planet Mercury transit into 2th house from Moon: In this transit, you would be will humorous, well read, clever experience multiple gains and success in professional as well as personal life. You will be clever and tactful in earning money. You may even become reckless when it comes to personal and professional life Some negative traits will also be seen in your behavior..If your recklessness is not curbed they personal relationships will get affected. Heath will be all right except for small stomach problem which will be cured with time. Relationship with children would be good


Mercury will be in its own sign: During this transit, you will be quiet noble, trustworthy, charitable, open minded and good conversationalist. You might face hurdles and difficulties from your enemies. You might be over- talkative even argumentative which can land you in trouble. Your relationships with your sibling will improve or you may even help your younger sibling. You may not work but with your speech and conversation you will be able to finish some pending task. Financially,an average period where you may see a few downfalls but will be able to recover quickly. Concern for your children health


The Planet Mercury transit into 12th house from Moon: During this transit period, you mind will be practical with high power of concentration with some Psychic abilities, you will be very resourceful in business, drawn to ideas. Mercury is auspicious here. This is a period where profession will be too much on your mind and this will help you in your professional life but this of concern Some unforeseen expenses will also be seen.


The Planet Mercury transit into 11th house from Moon:. During this period, you would have philosophical, dreamy, meditative and financially this is a period of monetary gains. Moreover new job is on the cards or an elevation can be seen in your present job. However, this transit. Will bring loads of happiness in terms of profession, wealth, family and friends. Apart from this, your long term desire to travel would be fulfilled and new plan for the coming months will also be made. Success in all spears of life will be seen and this will keep you happy for long months in future.

The Planet Mercury transit into 10th house from Moon:. During this transit period, you would be highly sensitive, will have an artistic mind. Students will do well in academics and further good career prospects are seen. Success in profession or business will be seen in the immediate future Name, respect and fame are on the way. You will gain through your enemies. You will be able to invest in property or vehicle in this time period. At the personal front you will be comfortable and may even go for short trip both at business front or for personal reasons

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