Mercury Transit in Capricorn on January 28, 2018 To 15, February 2018

Mercury Transit in Capricorn on January 28, 2018 To 15, February 2018

Mercury Transit in Capricorn on January 28, 2018 to 15, February 2018

Mercury, the planet is the Karaka for intelligence, education, business, communication, teaching, mathematics, uncle and aunts, nephew, laughter and smell. Person will weak Mercury will have less advantage over the said qualities and with Mercury strong will have and a strong command over a language and a strong perfect speech or communication skills. Mercury is transiting over Capricorn Sign from January 28, 2018 at 01:13 AM till 15, February, 2018 at3:32 AM Mercury in Capricorn sign for profession will enhance business of  publishers, physicians, mathematicians, bookshops and accountants/CA.

To know the effect of transits in all the signs, read the article and this is from the Moon sign and the transit of Mercury foe every individual is a general direction for your Zodiac sign but your horoscope and Dasha individually will give specific results.           .



The planet Mercury will be moving in your Tenth House from your Moon Sign:  This transit is an average transit for you as this will bring in financial betterment but along with it there could be tensions with your business partners but they will resolve in the first week of February. Travel is on the cards but short distance travel for business purpose will give you more gains than long distance travel. If looking for a job in a long time then it is just round the corner. Family life will improve specially with spouse and a new beautiful relationship can develop with younger siblings. Love life is good and your communication will improve. Your relationship with children has been uncomfortable for sometime will also improve. Health may create some problems.


Mercury will be transiting in your Ninth House from your Moon Sign: This transit of Mercury is a favorable transit as this helps in a big improvement in family relations, spouse and happiness is foreseen. Professionally a good time in terms of new partnerships, business growth and new ventures are on the way. These ventures will come from friends and even business associates. Long distance travel is on the cards. Love life will be rocking and a comfort which had been lacking will develop. Children will do well in exams and will make you proud during this transit period. This transit would prove to be quite lucky for buying of new property or a convenience.


Mercury would be moving in your Eighth House from your Moon Sign:. This transit might give you mixed results. In terms of personal life this period is quiet favorable and your relationship with spouse would be comfortable. In terms of relation with family will improve specially with mother. Her health will also improve. Love life is rocking and a bond with her. In Business new business proposals will come but when it comes to finances then not much development will be seen. There could be hurdles in fulfilling your promises. Travel which was on the cards can be cancelled. Health will keep you a little tensed Try to keep your mind calm and focused during this period as this might help you sort your mental turmoil. Expenses are high during this period but you will be able to meet them in the end.



Mercury will be Seventh House from the Moon Sign: As Mercury transit in the sign Capricorn, it will give average results in Business as growth in business will be expected but with it expenses will also rise and they can trouble you or there can be a possibility that you may spend more than your pocket allows. Travel is on the cards especially short distance travel if thinking of long distance your desire will be fulfilled in the second half of February. At the personal front your relationship with spouse will be comfortable. Love life will also be good and will keep you busy. Health will also be fine and no issues are foreseen. Students will have to work hard to get results but  hard work and determination will pay off.


Mercury is transiting in your Sixth House from the Moon Sign: In this transit Mercury is not in a very comfortable position especially when it comes to expenditure as an increase in financial expenses will be seen but you will be doing it for your comforts and they will not pinch you and your pocket. Personal life with spouse will be uncomfortable and tiffs can be seen during this time and they will continue for long. Love life is on the other hand quiet comfortable as their has been some problems but all the problems will be resolved and the relationship will move to a new level. if any court cases they will be in your favor .Professionally you will earn well and spend well. If looking for a new job it is round the corner. Work hard and you will achieve your goals.


Mercury will be in Fifth House from the Moon Sign: During this period Mercury the planet will be favorable and will be beneficial in all respects. Firstly when it comes to profession you will be on cloud nine as new big ventures will come your way and that will give you big financial gains. If in job you will be promoted and elevation in profile with finances is predicted for you. Students appearing for exams will do quite well and this will make the parents happy as relationship with parents will be quiet comfortable. Health of self and spouse will be good. Relationship with spouse will keep you happy Love life is quiet comfortable. Your children will make you proud. New investments are on the cards.



The planet Mercury will be Fourth House from the Moon Sign: This movement of Mercury will be beneficial with a few difficulties. This transit will be beneficial in terms of professional growth and new investments. You may even start a new venture which will be instantly successful. This will bring peace and harmony not only to self but it will be seen at the family front too. Your relationship with spouse will keep you relaxed and your spouse may  give you ideas for your new ventures which will be great. Investment in a new property is on the cards. Your desire to buy a new conveyance will be fulfilled. Love life will also be good and you may even thing of a break with him/ her. Peace and happiness will prevail.


Mercury will be Third House from your Moon Sign: Your outlook to life will change as you will be focused towards achieving your goals. The financial position will improve drastically but you will work hard for it and some unexpected gain are also foreseen. Your get together with friends will help you socially as well as professionally. You may meet some old friends and have a wonderful time with them. Travel is on the cards for business enhancement.   Relationship with uncle, aunts, cousins and younger sibling will improve. You will be able to handle your personal life very well with business obligations. Spouse may have some health issues but it will not effect    your personal life. Your health will be perfect. Some name and fame are also on the cards.



Mercury will be second House from your Moon Sign: This period will keep you busy not only at the work front but also at personal level. Mercury‘s transit will keep you on your toes at the work front but success is foreseen in professional life and the financial situation will also improve. When it comes to personal life you will have no time for personal relation but socially you will be quiet caught up but this will improve your relationships with friends. and family. Love life will keep you busy but satisfactory. Don’t overdo things or you will feel it will affect you slightly. Partnerships will be comfortable heir can be some health issues with farther so take care                                       This is the time to focus on the bigger picture in profession. Looking for a job will bring in fruitful results.



The planet Mercury will be moving into your ascendant sign. This position will endow you with name, fame and power. This is an excellent time for you as professionally you will reach great heights and lady luck will favor you. If looking for a change in job so you will be able to get your desired job with ease but this job will bring a change in place for your betterment. A trip for pleasure is on the cards and then a couple for more travel for will also be seen. At the family front things will be little uncomfortable but as the next month proceeds things will become better and peaceful. Take care of your health. Love life will be good and anew understanding will develop. Sudden recognition and accolade can be predicted for you in this duration. Those working in government associations might progress professionally during this transit period.


Mercury will move to your Twelfth House from Moon Sign: This transit will give you mixed results as at one place sudden unexpected gains will be seen and at the other hand you will feel obstacles in your way which can go away with hard work and dedication. You will see lady luck will favor a lot during this time. Business opportunities will grow as well as financial gains are also foreseen. Partners will bring in new business which will give you gains and keep you happy for long. Students will do well in their exams and if looking for a future in a foreign land that desire will get fulfilled. Your relationship especially in love life will be beautiful. Health will not be of any issue. You will win over your competitors during this period.


The planet Mercury will move into Eleventh House from the Moon Sign: This is a favorable period for you as both family life and professional life will be satisfactory. You will gain financially from your business partners and at the personal front your relationship with spouse will be in a comfortable zone. New business opportunities are foreseen and your financial situation will improve drastically. Love life is good with a few hurdles. If looking for a partner then your desire will be fulfilled. Mother may face a few health issues but they will be cured.. gain in property can expect this period. A long awaited desire might get fulfilled with the help of your partner in profession. Can meet an old friend which will be beneficial for you in long terms

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