Mercury Retrograde (3rdDecember to 23rd December 2017)

Mercury Retrograde (3rdDecember to 23rd December 2017)

mercury-retrograde                                                     MERCURY RETROGRADE
(3rdDecember to 23rd December 2017)
Mercury become’s retrograde on December 03, 2017 at 13:04 PM, will go back in Scorpio on December 11, 2017 at 04:07 AM and will become direct in motion on December 23, 2017 at 07:21 AM. This whole process will be for 20 days.
Mercury retrograde brings difficulties and a lot of trouble in your life, but in reality this is not true we have to see the Moon chart and the Lagna/ Ascendant of each individual. . Mercury is a planet for intelligence, education, friends, business and trade so changes are seen when Mercury retrogrades happens then it doesn’t always bring misfortune as it is believed it can also bring happiness and prosperity in life and numerous times it suddenly brings unexpected gains and losses.
Retrogation of Mercury in astronomy is that the planet is moving forward but when we see from the Earth it looks it is moving backwards. Well, in reality it is not possible for planets to start moving backwards or in the opposite direction. In the solar system all the planets are moving in their respective orbits In astrology, Mercury is considered to be an neutral planet but it gets influence planet sitting or aspecting it.
Mercury in a horoscope represents their sisters, paternal aunt and maternal aunt. The planet Mercury transit in approximately 28 days. This retro gradation on 12 different zodiac sign should be seen from the Moon sign.

You have to be very cautious regarding your job, profession and communication because of its direct aspect on your relationship with siblings and cousins. You will feel lethargic and if doing some important work you will leave it in the middle and will start concentrating on useless and unfruitful things but after 11th December try to be cautious of your enemies.

Some problems may arise with your children and you should be cautious in your lovelife. You should be very clear while communicating with family members or trouble may arise due to your lose talk during this time. Married life may also get affected. Avoid such situations and communicate Try to be more understanding with your business partners as well as with your spouse. People looking for a job will get new opportunities.

This is a favorable period for you when it comes to business commitments. New proposals are on .the way. If you had been looking for a new house/ property for yourself You desire will be fulfilled. Mother’s health might deteriorate for some time but she will recover. Don’t indulge in arguments and fights with loved ones.
This is a period you will be emotional and people can take advantage of you so please keep your emotions intact and. Travel is on the cards both short and long distance. You may even play along relaxed holiday. Expenses are foreseen and you will be happy to do it. Health will not be up to the mark. Personal life is rocking
You’ll be demanding in your personal life and at a positive note your demands will get fulfilled but try to keep your ego intact.. This is no time to be lazy as the work you are pursuing will be finalized..Your financial situation will and sudden gains will be expected This is the time that people will readily listen to you and you will have totan l command over your speech but be soft.


As Mercury is the lord of your zodiac sign, it will directly affect your , emotions, intellect profession and also your sensitivity. Mood swings are predicted and dispute with your friend and family is seen. Their may be time that you will lose your control and become hypersensitive or won’t feel a thing. This will be a period where your work will get effected. You need to be cautious regarding works or some important clients or deals will be lost. Time to be extra cautious. You might have to face some issues within the workplace. Think wisely before taking any decisions.
This is a period where sudden twist and turns will be seen in your destiny and you may get even get agitated over small small issues but solutions will be in your favour. Expences related to long vacations is foreseen but this will give you too much of pleasure. Try not to be too extravagant or thr budget may be more than your pocket.

You’ll will be busy setting up your new ventures and this will not only keep you busy but you will also be busy with new ventures and this will not only keep you busy but you will also be busy with new innovative ideas. This a very favorable period from 11th December but you will think equally about yourself and other people also. Love life is quiet comfortable and you will be happy about it as well. You’ll make some secret plans for a holiday. Although, the best part is that you will be ah time it will settle downble to balance both your personal and professional life.
This is a period is will be important for you as your personal and professional life will get effected.This period will bring changes in your professional life in that respect that new business proposals will come and old partnerships will be dissolved and new partnerships will come up for betterment. At the personal level your relationship with spouse will be difficult but with time it will be settled. Your intuitive levels will improve and you’ll be able to know yourself a bit more.
You mustbe very careful during this period as new enemies may come up from nowhere and they may try to harm you. Don’t pick up loans during this period or you will not be able to fulfill your promises. You might have to face difficulties in such situations. Learn from your mistakes and be nice to people. If you work more hard than your normal self you will be able to see achievements Personal life is average and small tussles may also be predicted. You’ll be able to ha to handle things in a better way if you work positively and take things one at a time.
You’ll have be blessed as god is with you are will help you in all spears of life. Sudden your financial situation will improve and your relationship with spouse and children will reach new heights. Love life will be rocking. You may find a partner who is caring and loving. Travel is on the cards. The travel is on the cards and it can be long distance which will bring you joy and happiness in your life. Personal life is smooth and happening.
You will not be too mentally stable during this time and your emotions will be on a roler coaster but this will not hamper your personal life. You may have some arguments with your partnes but listen to their thought process and you can gain out of the situation Choose the way you believe is right so as to avoid any mistakes. Health will not up to the mark holiday is on the cards.

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