Mars Transit in Scorpio (17 JANUARY, 2018)

Mars Transit in Scorpio (17 JANUARY, 2018)

Mars Transit in Scorpio (17 JANUARY, 2018)


Mars represents energy, courage, immovable property, land, logic, blood, surgery, violence, stamina. Mars in the 12 signs owns two sign; they are Aries and Scorpio signs. Mars is friends with Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Mars being a male planet and a fiery red planet, Mars is known as Mangal Graha in Hindi. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer and is responsible for the Mangal Dosha in the birth chart of a person. It represents professions like police, military, medical, surgery, weapons, property dealer, butcher and even athletes. If it is positioned in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses in a horoscope, it is considered to be positive and gainful. It takes almost 45 days for Mars to make a transit to a zodiac sign Mars is coming in Scorpio on 17th January, 2018 5:34 and will remain till 7th March, 2018 16:52. The prediction is based on the Moon sign of the native.



The planet Mars will move into the eighth house from your Moon This transit of Mars is not a  favorable transit. You should be cautious regarding irritation, anger, accidents. Your relationship with your spouse will not be comfortable and their will be times when you can have arguments with your spouse. If there is a court case going on a win in law suits. Your relationship will be cordial with your children. Love life will be comfortable and smooth. Professionally it is a favorable period but you need to think before you say something to your partners or business associates as this can create a tiff. Unexpected gains are expected during this transit. Small small health problems are fore seen during this period.


The planet, Mars will move into the seventh house from Moon Sign, this will be the period when you will gain out of   your enemies and if you have given loans and the money was not coming back, chances are favorable of their return. Health which has been troubling you will be improved and due to this you will be in a better and happier position. You may have small bouts of hyperness but it will go away. Love will improve further but married life will still have some issues. You may have a chance to meet an old friend as that association will relax you. New business venture will come but be cautious. But Business will be doing well; new job opportunity is on the way.


Mars will move into the sixth house from the Moon, which would indeed be a period when your enemies will come for reconciliation and the result will be in your favors. Health will be an issue if you don’t take of your self it cans create further problems for you so precaution is better than cure. Business and finance will keep you happy but their would unforeseen expenses but not to be concerned or worry about them it as you will be able to take care of it. Love life will improve and the relationship will further improve. If you keep calm you will be in a much better position than before.  The period would provide you relief from the problems that have been troubling you Relationship with spouse will be difficult and small tiffs will be seen. Children will bring stress and create some trouble.



Mars will move into the fifth house from your Moon.  This is a very favorable period and will bring in good luck and happiness which you have been trying to get for long. You love life will be rocking and if you don’t have a love life then someone will definitely come into your life to give you happiness. Even in terms of profession you will have increase in your finances and the financial crunch which has been for long will vanish away. New job opportunities are on the horizon. Heath of your mother will also improve and she will be in a better frame of mind. Relationship with spouse will improve and become cordial. Long distance travel is on the cards and this will be both a professional as well as personal travel. Your health will keep you happy.


As it transits and Mars will move into the fourth house from your Moon Sign. This will be a favorable transit after a long time. All you stress, problems will vanish away. You will be more in control over your mind and peace will prevail. Property related gains are on the cards, if you have been thinking of buying a vehicle that desire of yours will be fulfilled. Relationship with your mother will now improve for better. Destiny is on your side and it will to new heights. Business will improve for better and your financial worry will vanish away. Long distance and short distance travel are on the cards. Personal life will improve but in the beginning their may be a clash but that will be favorable as it will improve your personal life for good. Health has been disturbing this will also improve for good so we can say a good and comfortable period is on the cards



Mars will move into the third house from your Moon Sign. This is a period to improve your relationship with siblings and to work very hard. Your hard work may not immediate results but it will give you great rewards later. Travel is on the cards as  new  and old business opportunities will open up for you. Sudden and unexpected gains will be seen and their might be a small hurdle also but the problem will be solved. While there would be some tiffs in your family, your siblings would support you through thick and thin. Your father might suffer from health issues but it will be cured. Love life will be smooth and your partner will be happy with you. Your health will keep good.Their may be a small clash with your spouse but things will be resolved.


Mars will move into your second sign from Moon, This is a period of great aggression and you not only will have a bad temper but will raise your voice on every chance you can get to dominate over everyone . This transit will bring in health problems and your relationship will get spoilt with lot of people because of your rude behavior so control is the key word. Love life will also be problematic and their could be arguments in your love life which will stained your relationship for sometime if not taken care of. Children will also be troublesome Which would increase your aggression..Disputes in marital life would further amplify your mental stress. Professionally you will aggressively work on it and will give you fruitful results.


With the transit, Mars will move into its own house . The transit will give you mixed results; on one hand it will be profitable for you at the professional level and the financial level. Buying of a property is on the cards Health will improve for good. But you will become more aggressive in speech and will have marital problems Enemies will try to create problems for you but with your hard work and aggression will pay off in the end and they will not harm you in any respect. Love life will be smooth and will keep you satisfied.


Mars will move into the twelfth house from your Moon Sign, This is not a very favorable period regarding health issues hut this period will keep you confused and you will not be able to make the right decisions for yourself. Financially unexpected expenses will be foreseen during this period but at the personal level your love life will be rocking and that will keep you happy.                                                                     You would achieve success in court cases, and gain victory over your opponents. Your friends will support you during this time and even your spouse will be of great help and support. Rise in status is on the cards and improvement in business would further add to your happiness Gains through foreign land are also indicated.


The planet Mars will move into your eleventh house. During this period, you would see a major progress in your career in the form of promotion, elevation of status at workplace. You would be able to gain authority at work and your enemies will keep aback foot,. You will be aggressively concentrating on your growth. In love life you will work on your relationship but their could a few show downs which will be solved by your efforts. Due to over main focus on your work, you might not be able to give time to your family, and as a result, there might be a lack of happiness in domestic life. Short distance travel is on the cards. They will be for both work and pleasure.



Mars will move into the tenth house from your Moon Sign. It would be a favorable period for you. You will get job offers which you have been waiting for long and this change in job will be satisfactory. Professionally also a great period with good offers round the corner which will give you satisfaction. You would be able to make a lot of money. Travel is on the cards but the travel will be short distance. You may even buy property during this time Their could be tiff you’re your mother but it will be solved in no time. Small tiffs in your love life but they will be short lived. You may get aggressive sometimes but it will not hurt you or your loved ones Health will be in great shape.


The planet Mars will move into the ninth house from your Moon Sign. the period would give great beneficial results. Destiny will be on your side and things which you had desires for long will come your way. Long distance travel in business will give good results and your financial position will improve suddenly and will keep you happy. Love life is rocking and their will be piece at that end .Small concern for health may come up but it will be short lived. Your relationship with spouse will be comfortable and children will keep you happy. Some unexpected earnings might just brighten up your days during the transit. Mother will face some health issues. Over all a good period.

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