Jupiter Transit in Capricorn (29 March, 2020)

Jupiter Transit in Capricorn (29 March, 2020)

Jupiter Transit in Capricorn (29 March, 2020)

Jupiter, the planet who is known as the Guru/ Brhaspati will enter the zodiac sign Capricorn on Sunday, 29 March at 7: 08 PM in the evening. In the same sign, it will conjunct with the ruling lord of Capricorn Saturn. It will remain in Capricorn till 30th June 2020 till 16:30 and will again transit in Capricorn from 20th November 2020 at 6:25 AM.

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter changing signs are considered to be quite auspicious as its aspect is given the status of divine nectar (Amrit). It is naturally quite beneficial and thrives to provide positive results to all kinds of natives. Needless to say, its transit in Capricorn will definitely have an impact on all the twelve zodiac signs.

Jupiter is karaka for sons, husband, wealth, guru, education, wisdom, astrology and devotion, profession it represents bank, income tax, revenue, temples, charitable institutes, law judge, lawyers, professors, teachers, saints, priests, financers and share market.

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign.

Jupiter Transit on Aries

Jupiter will enter the tenth house of the Moon sign. The planet Jupiter   is the ruling lord of the ninth and twelfth houses. Jupiter in Capricorn or debilitation will bring instability in the career of the individual. People in government jobs can see transfers in places which are not satisfactory. Profession will play an important role for people in Aries Moon Sign. New projects will come your way which will not bring too much of satisfaction. Individuals in jobs may see growth especially in private jobs. Change in career will be seen but not up to the native’s expectations. Mental peace and domestic happiness is seen during this period. Individuals wanting to buy property will be able to buy, which will be up to their satisfaction. People whose mother’s have not been keeping too well will see improvement in her health. The transit of Jupiter will also make contributions to your bank balance and irrespective of the difficulties in your profession; luck will be on your side. Health is of concern during this period, if not taken care deterioration will be seen.

Jupiter Transit on Taurus

The transit of Jupiter will take place in the ninth house from the Moon sign. Jupiter is ruling lord of the eighth and eleventh houses from the Moon Sign. The transit of Jupiter will bring in mixed results Professionally it will be a favorable period as growth and elevation in the job will be seen but load of effort  will be needed t to make yourself successful in the coming year. Health will see improvement for the Taurus Rashi natives as lots of them are having issues in the last 2 years. Relationship with siblings will improve and there would be improvement in relationship with children also. Love life of the natives will improve and you will have a great time with your girlfriend/boyfriend. If you are unmarried and in love with someone then love marriage is on the cards in the Jupiter’ transit. You may also undertake a pilgrimage journey or become quiet religious during this period. You may also be granted access to an ancestral property all of a sudden, which will make contributions to your economic condition. You need to be very attentive regarding emotions during this period or may face emotional loss.

Jupiter Transit on Gemini

Jupiter is the Lord of your seventh and tenth houses. It is a Maraka planet in nature because it is the Lord of seventh house. When Jupiter transits Capricorn, during its transit duration, the auspicious planet will enter your eighth house. For Gemini natives, this transit will not be considered to be much favorable because of its position in the eighth house but some positive things will also be seen.. Your Expenses will increase but for some, there will be investments which will become favorable after a couple of years. There will be growth in your finances but keep it safe and you will be comfortable during this transit or overspending will get you into trouble. Students who have been trying to get into good universities or schools, your wish will get fulfilled. Some may buy conveyance but see to it that you don’t overspend. You may also fall prey to mental stress. Jupiter, the transit planet is a Markesh so all the people who have Gemini Rashi need to take care of their health. Unnecessary travel plans should be avoided. This transit may have an adverse impact on your relations with your in laws and will ultimately result in some difference of opinion with your wife and your mental tension can increase.

Jupiter Transit on Cancer

For Cancer Rashi, Jupiter’s transit is Lord of the Sixth house and is also very important because it is the ruling Lord of the ninth house, which determines your luck and fortunes Jupiter is placed in the Seventh House and is aspecting the Eleventh, Lagna and the Third house. This transit is favorable and will give beneficial results to the Cancer Rashi people. The financial position of the native will improve and we will see fulfillment of desires in this period. New business opportunities will come your way and will elevate your financial position. During its transitory movement, your relationship will improve with the siblings. Lots of travel is on the cards and this travel will be related to professional growth. Though there may be issue with the spouse but it needs to be solved with care or the issues will last long. New partnerships will also develop during this time and that will further give financial enhancement. Love life will flourish during this time. The beneficial planet will enter your seventh house. This particular movement of Jupiter will prove to be favorable with regards to multiple aspects of your life. From the point of view of your health, the transit of Jupiter may prove to be somewhat weak. Hence, it is recommended to take good care of your health. Marriage is on the cards.

Jupiter Transit on Leo

The transit of Jupiter will take place in the sixth house of Leo natives. This particular planet maintains great relations with your zodiac lord, the Sun and also rules over the fifth and eighth houses of your Rashi. During this transit you will get rid of your loans, enemies and diseases. This transit is favorable for people who have long standing dues. New job is on the cards. Though your expenses will increase but the amount will be spend on favorable things. Long distance travel is also on the cards. Saving and financial improvement will be seen. New investment will be seen in property and some may buy conveyance which could lead you to spend more than you desire.  There are chances of you acquiring success with lots of hard work Do not lend money during this time as people may give back the amount with delays. this is a favorable period regarding health but don’t eat too much or you will gain weight. Relationships with family members will improve to a great extend.

Jupiter Transit on Virgo

The transit Jupiter or Brihaspati will take place in the fifth house. Those who are born under the Moon Sign Virgo. Jupiter is the ruling Lord of your fourth and seventh houses so Jupiter is also your Markesh as it rules the seventh house.  When Jupiter is posited in your fifth house, your relationship with your children will improve and this will bring satisfaction to you at a certain level. Your love life will also improve and will spend great times with him or her. Destiny is on your side and your desires related to finances will be fulfilled. Your relationship with father will also improve. New ventures are on the way. Happiness and prosperity will be seen prevailing over your domestic front and your economic condition will also remain strong. If you are involved in any kind of business, then you will make tremendous progress in your trade ventures. Jupiter is situated here in its debilitated sign but will be sitting with Saturn, some favorable outcome. For students this is a favorable year for you and will bring perfect opportunities.  If you are in a relationship with someone, then this transit of Jupiter may initiate some ups and downs for your relationship. You may find it difficult to judge the relationship with your partner. Take help if needed but it will positively end though it makes take some time. In the profession you will see growth and elevation in job both in position and finance. Relationship will be improved with the siblings Major improvement in health will be seen.

Jupiter Transit on Libra

The transit of Jupiter will take place in your fourth house and Jupiter is debilitated so the native will stressed during this time and there can be issues at home front. The problems will be lasting but will be solved by the end of this year or the next year beginning. Some renovation will be seen at home front but you will have to spend more than you had expected. There can be issues with your spouse and in laws too. Financially it is not a very favorable year and expenses are also too high during this period. Lots of changes will be seen during this period both buying and selling of property is seen but be cautious of not overspending as it will land you into trouble. Don’t try to change job till it is not necessary. There can be issues with your bosses so beware.  On a positive note, this transit will have a favorable impact on the future as you will become clearer with what you want to do in life and it will help you to map out your life. You will also be praised for your work. The health of the individual will see ups and downs but with no lasting consequences. You are advised to stay away from any kinds of debates and arguments which are especially related to your family or you may come into direct contact with mental stress and anxiety.

Jupiter Transit on Scorpio

For Scorpions, the planet Jupiter is the lord of the second and fifth houses and is placed in the third house. Though Jupiter being the second lord is also a Markesh so life will have achievements after lot .Since the planet rules over the second house, it is give lot of hard work. You will have to work very hard but will not get expected results which can dissatisfy you. You will have to take numerous short journeys. You may visit a religious place with your family members and some of the journeys may not prove to be favorable and may face difficulties which you will be able to overcome. However, situations will return to your convenience accordingly. During this transit of Jupiter new business partnership will be seen and this partnership will run for a long duration of time. this is a financially good phase and will bring in elevation of finances. New business links will develop both in domestic and foreign. The transit of Jupiter will be quite beneficial for your children and they will make the most of this time. If you are single then marriage is on the cards and you will be very happy with your partner.

Jupiter Transit on Sagittarius

The transit of Jupiter is quite effective for Sagittarius natives as the planet happens to be their zodiac lord. Along with being the undisputed ruler of the first house, it also governs your fourth house. Currently in its transitory motion, its presence will be seen in your second house. Jupiter in the second house will create problems with your children and may bring disharmony in your house hold.  There may be  seriousness in the situation which may worry you to some extent Professionally it is a good time to change jobs or look for enhancement in the job but be cautious regarding any disputes with family members or outsider which can harm you . Don’t pick up unnecessary loans during this period or you will not be able to pay back easily This particular transit of Jupiter will also influence your professional life. You’re thinking as well as yourself reflecting abilities will make your image stronger on the professional front. Health may have its ups and downs. Relationships with in laws will improve. Unexpected gains will be seen during this Jupiter’s transit.

Jupiter Transit on Capricorn

For natives having Capricorn Rashi, the planet Jupiter is the ruling lord of your third and twelfth houses and will be in your first house. Since, the transit is taking place in your sign; you will be quiet affected by Jupiter’s transit. This is a favorable period for you and will bring in great results. During this transit the native will have great relationship with children and children may go for further education. At the personal level your personal life with spouse will also improve. If waiting for marriage then it will happen. People having love life will also blossom and you will have a great time. Your intuitive knowledge will increase and this second sight of yours will enable you to make many favorable decisions. In terms of business, this transit will prove to be quite favorable. If you have been going through health problems then betterment will be slow and steady. Mental tension will be seen which will improve by the end of this year and will further improve in the next year. Finally, your hard work will bear fruits of success.

Jupiter Transit on Aquarius

The Aquarians will have Jupiter in the twelfth house and will be debilitated so this is not a favorable period for this Rashi. The Jupiter is the lord of the second and eleventh house, which is why it is considered to be a Maraka planet as it is the lord of the second house.. The movement of Jupiter will increase in health problems and will further increase the loans of the individuals.  Jupiter’s transit can also bring in enemies or court cases for the individual so the native needs to be careful regarding any disputes arising. These disputes can also be for ancestral property. New property is also on the cards so be careful for fraud in the dealings but in the end the problem will be solved according to your wishes ‘New job is also on the cards which will not bring you too satisfaction. Unexpected gains will be seen during this time. You will also be seen spending money in religious matters and improvement will be seen during this time. However, those who are associated with the field of law and order will remain at the receiving end of favorable results.

Jupiter Transit on Pisces

Planet Jupiter is the ruling lord of Pisces Rashi individual so this transit will prove to be quite important for you. Jupiter is the lord of the Lagna and tenth house which is the house of the Karma. Jupiter is well placed in the eleventh house and it brings growth of the individual especially in terms of knowledge and intelligence. Lots of hard work will be seen during this period and the hard work will pay off. Financially it is an average period and growth will be slow. Short distance travel is on the cards for work and will give success.             Relationship with children will improve and comfortable relationship will be seen. Love life will be rocking. Relationship with wife will also be comfortable and in appositive zone. Business will see new partnerships and this will improve the finances. Marriage is on the cards. Health of self and spouse will improve. This is a period of good relationship both personally and professionally Students who want to go for higher education will see growth in this respect .Overall a favorable period.

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