Saturn – The Planet

Saturn is one of the Nine Planets in the Indian Vedic Planet and is the 7yh planet in the Solar System. Saturn is one of the important planets both in the Solar System and in an individual’s horoscope.

In the Kaalpurush horoscope Saturn has been given two most important houses, the tenth house and the eleventh house. The tenth house represents occupation, fame, ambition, recognition, and determination, and self wealth while the Eleventh house represents success in undertaking, hopes wishes, aspirations and freedom from misery

Planet Saturn governs the Zodiac Sign Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn Mooltrikona Rashi is Aquarius and its Exaltation is in Sign Libra. Saturn friends are Venus and Mercury. The Planet Saturn is karaka or represents serving class, hard working jobs, mental and physical work, agriculture, gambling, all kind of responsible jobs and negative Saturn represents cheats, disputes and disharmony. Saturn Mahadasha is for 19 years and Sade – Sati is for 7.5 years

What is a Mahadasha and How Can We Judge A Dasha?

In Indian Vedic Astrology the Dasha commonly/ frequently used is the Vimshottari Dasha system by the Astrologers. The Dasha is calculated from the Moon degree of an individual.

The Dasha itself is called the Mahadasha and it is divided into sub divisions called the Antardasha, the Antardasha which is calculated from the Mahadasha and includes all the nine planets and we will see that that each planet has an Antardasha in the Mahadasha.

If Saturn Mahadasha comes in one’s life it is calculated from Moon sign, Saturn Mahadasha is for 19 years and this period or duration is fixed for everybody. In Saturn Mahadasha we will have first Antardasha of Saturn only and then rest of the planets will follow.

Judging a Dasha is a difficult task and we have to take a few things under consideration. They are as follow:

1.The planet’s natural benefic or malefic qualities need to be considered.

2.The planet owns which all houses, its placement in the chart

3.The relationship of that particular planet with other planets

All this needs to be considered to understand whether the Dasha will give positive or negative results in an individual’s life.

Saturn Mahadasha And Its Effects

Saturn is a malefic planet and it represents anything which is serving class and a hard working job, Saturn represents lot of mental and physical work so a native can only get results if he does his Karma i.e. loads of hard work and is truthful towards his work or any deed he is doing in the 19 years of the Saturn Mahadasha. Saturn is a planet which is very disciplined, slow with delay work but steady and gives individual lots of patience. Saturn also gives obstructions, stingy nature and makes you secretive but we see benefic or favorable results in the 3rd, 6th and 11th house

Saturn if favorable then will give success over enemies, lots of hard work which will get you a lot of name and fame and along with the wealth of an individual improves and the native can reach to great heights but the process is slow and steady. A relationship with family is affected and your relationship can be improved during the last phase of the Saturn Mahadasha

To understand the Saturn Mahadasha we need to understand and analyze how and where Saturn is placed in a horoscope

1.Saturn is an important planet and it represents both our Karma and fulfillment of desires. When Saturn Mahadasha comes we see lots of changes in the native’s life. It brings about lot of changes not only in the thought process but also in the surrounding of the individual. We say it a restart of your life and only hard work and dedication will pay off and that too with delays.

2.Saturn is related to the serving class, government jobs and hard working jobs/profession so during this Dasha an individual needs to work hard and then only he will be able to get results but the results will not be up to the mark of the native’s expectations and the native will not get due credit for his hard work and labour.

4.The Saturn Mahadasha the individual does work well under the guidance of somebody or if the individual is running the show then he should take the help of a more knowledgeable person or a native with more wisdom. So if Saturn is giving negative results its intensity will be reduced.

5.Saturn is also called the Lord of Justice so our law and judiciary is also represented by Saturn. In other words what you reap is what you get meaning if you do good deeds in your life you will get positive results in your Saturn Mahadasha and if you have been negative or done bad deeds you will see suffering and misery in the Saturn Mahadasha.

6.Saturn if owns good houses in ones chart then it will give beneficial results but we have to even check the Nakshatra/constellation it is in to further see its results. Planets sitting with Saturn or aspecting Saturn will enhance its positive and negative effect
Last but not the least Divisional Charts have to be seen to see the full effect of Saturn.

Saturn Mahadasha/ ??? ?? ?????? and Various Antardashas

Saturn starts with Saturn Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha and the duration is for 36 months/3 years and 3 days. This period brings the native mental anguish, financial gains but losses are also seen, a new start in your life or a new beginning in once life, enmities with subordinates, dispute and trouble from relatives but a well placed Saturn gives the native a new position in job or a new business venture but in both the cases hard work and tensions are involved.

The next Dasha is Saturn Mahadasha and Mercury Antardasha and the duration of this Dasha is 32 months/ 2 years 8 months and 9 days. During this period the native goes through a comfortable period where he is involved in charity, increase in education, financial betterment, happiness from children, increase in wealth and fame. In general prosperity at all fronts is seen.

The next Dasha is Saturn Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha and the duration of the Dasha is 13 months/1 year I month and 9 days. During this Antardasha the native has stress and tensions, quarrels with people, loss of money and position and family disputes.

The next Dasha is Saturn Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha and the time span of the Dasha is 38 months/3 years and 2 months. This period ia an auspicious period and will bring in happiness, the financial position will improve and gains in business is seen and an individual in a job will see an elevation in his/her job. This is a period for investment in property. If desiring for a new conveyance your desire will be fulfilled. This period will bring peace of mind to the native.

The next Dasha is Saturn Mahadasha and Sun Antardasha and the time span of this Dasha is 11 months and 12 days. This is not a very auspicious period and during this period the native will trouble from the government, relationship with spouse will be affected and differences with children will be seen. Health of the native will be troublesome. If Sun is well placed then new business partnership is seen or in a job sudden promotion will be seen.

The next Dasha is Saturn Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha and the duration of the Dasha is 19 months/ 1 year and 7 months. In this period the native will stressed, depressed and unhappy during the whole Dasha. The native will have enmity with his friends and family members and this could lead to disputes. Financially a period of burden and expenses. Bad depts. are also seen during this period. The native health can also be affected during this time.

The next Dasha is Saturn Mahadasha and Mars Antardasha and the time span of the Dasha is 13 months/ 1 year, 1 month and 9 days. During this period the native may create enmity by his own bad temper, will not be very successful in his professional life as ups and downs are seen, stress and tension will remain throughout the period, loss of money can be due to over expenditure or fraud, relationship with spouse will be affected and there could be problems with siblings. Small health issues can also be seen during this period.

The next Dasha is Saturn Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha and the duration of the Dasha is 34 months /2 years, 10 months and 6 days. In this period the native can be emotionally disturbed but financially there is growth during this period. There can be unexpected gains but some losses will also be seen. This period is not very favorable for physical heath. Gain in property is seen. Foreign settlement for some

The last Dasha is Saturn Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha and the duration of the Dasha is 30 months / 2 years, 6 months and 12 days. In this period the native was will find happiness, relief will be seen for the individual, financial situation will improve, promotion in job or growth in business is seen during this period. The native will become more religious and destiny will improve in this time.


The Saturn transits from Natal moon or we can say where your Moon is placed in which sign at the time of birth, Moon Rashi or Sign remains the same throughout your life span. The transit of Saturn is in three houses namely Twelfth, First and Second from the Moon Rashi/sign.

Those periods of transit of Saturn is categorized in following three phases:. For example if a person was born in Capricorn Moon Sign the native’s Sade Sati starts with Saturn transit in Sagittarius and continues till Saturn transit in Aquarius . Saturn transit in Sagittarius is called as first phase of Sade Sati, Saturn transit into Capricorn or Moon Sign/Rashi is called as middle Phase of Sade Sati, Saturn transit into Aquarius is called as third Phase or Last Phase of Sade Sati

First Phase of Sade Sati:

The first phase of Sade Sati starts with transition of Planet Saturn in twelfth house from Moon Rashi/Sign. When Saturn transit into twelfth house it is called as first phase of Sade Sati.

In these period Saturn aspects the third is on the Second house so we see that the native faces problems in the relationship with the immediate family, speech and eyes related issues are also seen. Saving will get depleted but investments are also seen during this period.

Saturn seventh aspects is on the sixth house so you will face problems from the enemies both open and closed and if the Dasha running of the native is also not favorable the native may have loan related issues. Native in the job may have issues with their subordinates..Health can also be of concern during this period…The tenth aspect of Planet Saturn on the ninth house will create some Relationship issues with your father who can further cause tension for the individual but foreign travel is seen during the first phase of the Sade Sati and it could be both for profession as well as pleasure

Second Phase of Sade Sati:

In the second phase of Sade Sati Planet Saturn transits from twelfth house to the first house from Moon Rashi/Sign. Saturn’s transits over Moon Rashi/Sign is called the second phase of Sade Sati.

This is the most difficult period of the Sade Sati as the planet Saturn when transits over Moon, the planet Moon being an emotional planet so the second phase not only affects the native emotionally but also it affects the health of the individual. During this period an individual feels low, may have depressions and anxiety so that is why we feel low during this transit. Sometimes this phase is also called “The Peak phase”.

During this transit of Saturn, the other effect of Saturn’s transit on the third house from the third aspect so with friends, relatives and even neighbors can be seen, there could be difference between the siblings, heath issues related to shoulder or arms. There could be change of residence during this period.

Saturn aspect on the seventh house through its 7th aspect, which causes relationship conflicts with your spouse and those in business, may have issues/ tensions with their partners.

Planet Saturn also aspect tenth house of the horoscope with its 10th aspect, which causes issues/problems in professional life, those in business face financial crisis and professional downfall while natives in job will face troubles at work front or may have issues with their bosses. Sometimes the effect of Saturn is very harsh and the native is left jobless.

Third Phase of the Sade Sati:

The third phase of Sade Sati starts when Saturn transits from first house or the Moon Rashi/Sign to the second house from Moon so the transit of Planet Saturn in the second house transit is the last phase of Sade Sati which comes after approximately 5 years. During this transit, Saturn/ Shani aspect on the fourth house by the third aspect starts negative aspect on your peace of mind, happiness, mother’s health can cause tension for you, some property related disputes, students will have problem in education and lastly the general welfare gets affected

Saturn aspect on the eighth house by its seventh aspect will bring about issues regarding Health, may bring in disgrace, sorrows, debts, issues with your in-laws, intense mental worry, problems in ancestral property and trouble to partners and elder brother or sister, elevation in spouse job, relationship with friends see a down trend and eleventh house being the house for fulfillment of wishes will be curbed. Small health issues are also seen specially related to ears and bones. If the Dasha is not very Positive Heart related issues can be seen.


In an individual’s horoscope when we see that the Shani Mahadasha and Sade Sati are running parallels which means that when we have a Saturn Mahadasha running and along with it the Sade- Sati also comes the native has to go through certain effects in one’s life. They are as follows:

1. The person would undergo various forms of troubles during these periods if the Saturn in the chart is not well placed and if Sade Sati is in the second phase or the transit of Saturn is over its enemy sign like Saturn transits over Aries

2. The person may experience events like trouble from enemies, maternal relatives, stress, mental agony, trouble from the native’s spouse, want of marital happiness. Ilhealth of the individual can also be seen. You will see trouble from friends or from the government. Misunderstanding with children can create relationship issues with them. We can even see quarrels on landed property with siblings as well as other people so this will lead to reduction in assets or property. Unexpected expenditure is seen during this period.


1.If Saturn is the lord of benefic houses or it is Yogkaraka then the negative effect of Saturn is reduced and we see positive results too like growth in business or a major elevation at job front is seen. Lots of small and long distance travel are on the card which will satisfy long drawn desires for a successful profession.

2..In the First phase of the Sade- Sati when Saturn is well placed the native will see benefic results in all spears of life as major investment in property is seen or we see long term investments which will give major gains once the Sade-Sati is over. It will take you to great heights and name and fame will also be seen especially in the First Phase of Sade -Sati.

3.During the Second Phase of Sade-Sati if the Planet Saturn is favorable placed then we see positive results in terms of mental agony, though the second phase will have certain stress levels but the intensity of the stress is reduced and problems related to job/profession will decrease and some growth Will also be seen at the professional level. New business partnerships with develop during this time.

4.If Saturn is not placed well and is malefic for the chart/ horoscope then the negative effect of Saturn will be increased and the native will go through major financial and mental agony in the Second Phase of the Sade-Sati.

5. In the Third Phase of Sade-Sati the native will see numerous gains, betterment in terms of relationships, wealth and mental peace. New business opportunities /projects will come and some disputes with family and friends will be reduced but is Saturn is ill placed then the intensity of the problems will increase and the native will go through lot of pain and agony.

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